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    Google Photos: you can add your photos to your albums even offline

    Google Photos will soon welcome a new discreet update which should make life easier for many users. It will now be possible to place photos or videos in an album even if they are not synchronized.

    Google Photos: you can add your photos to your albums even offline

    Google Photos is a very practical solution. Admittedly, the application is now less flexible than before, the Mountain View company having limited the free space available, but it is still one of the best services in this area. An upcoming discrete update will deliver a long-requested improvement: the ability to include snapshots in albums, even if they are not yet synchronized.

    As a reminder, when you take a photo on Android, it is transferred to the cloud if you have a connection (Wifi or 4G if you have it activated). Today, unsynchronized snapshots are present in the gallery of the device with which they were taken, but they cannot be classified in albums. You have to wait for a connection to do so. With this new update, this will no longer be necessary. It will be possible to store them while being offline.

    Google Photos can also recognize what's in photos

    However, when you synchronize them, the albums will migrate to the Cloud and you will be able to find them on other platforms. Very practical if you are on vacation, in a place without connection, and you want to do a little sorting in your shots of the day so as not to have to do it later when you return. Note that it is not possible to force this update. So we have to wait patiently.

    The service regularly welcomes small updates which make the experience much more enjoyable. Just yesterday, Android Police spotted a new way to find documents, since a dedicated section is going to be introduced. There are already many, such as places, animals or people. The highly developed AI even makes it possible to differentiate photos where you clink glasses with beer or wine according to the shape of the glasses or bottles.

    Google Photos is therefore doing everything to make life easier for users so that they do not flee to other, financially more interesting services.

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