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    Google Search: dark mode finally arrives on Windows 10

    Chrome users on Windows 10 will finally enjoy dark mode in Google's search engine. For the moment, only a privileged few can activate the feature, which requires installing Chrome 76 at least. The Mountain View firm has already deployed dark mode on several of its applications.

    Google Search: dark mode finally arrives on Windows 10
    Credit: Windows Latest

    The dark mode, very popular with users, will soon be arriving on the PC version of Google. The firm has been testing the latter since December 2020, and is therefore ready to deploy it to the general public. At least for all Internet users on Windows 10. For the moment, only a few lucky ones can already take advantage of the new interface. To verify that you are part of it, just go to the “Search settings".

    To activate the dark mode, it is necessary to have installed Chrome 76 or later of the browser. On the Windows side, you must at least have the 1809 Version. Once available on your PC, you will see a notification appear in the search results: “Dark theme is now available. Activate it for more comfortable reading during your search”.

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    Dark mode arrives on Google

    In the Google search parameters you will find 3 editing options of the theme: “Dark”, “Light” and “Default”. This last choice actually corresponds to the default settings you have configured in Windows 10. In addition, the Mountain View firm is also working on a new Chrome feature that will adapt browser colors to those selected when creating the Microsoft operating system user profile.

    Dark mode has already been available in Chrome since the Canary version and has recently been improved. The search engine, meanwhile, has also had dark mode on smartphones since Android 10. PC users are therefore impatiently awaiting its arrival, especially since many other Google applications have already seen it added, such as the mobile version. from Google Maps. And you, what do you think of this new interface? Tell us in the comments!

    Source: Windows Latest

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