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    How to activate iPhone location

    Enable Location Services on iPhone

    If one or more applications cannot use GPS, the location services on your iPhone may be completely disabled. To reactivate them, go to the menu of settings (the gear icon located on the home screen) and select the item Privacy from the screen that opens.

    Then move to the menu area dedicated to Location and, if not already, move up ON the lever for the option Location. This way, location services will be available for both apps and system services.

    How to activate iPhone location

    In the same screen there is also the option Share my location which, when activated, allows you to share the geographic location of your iPhone with family members, friends (via iMessage) and the Find My Friends application.

    Manage the localization of apps and services

    If you want activate iPhone location for an application that cannot use GPS, go to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location of iOS and select the icon of the app in which you cannot use the GPS.

    Now choose whether to activate location services Everlasting (so even when the application is not in the foreground), While using the app (so only when the app is running and in the foreground) or Mai (in order to completely prevent the app from accessing location services).

    How to activate iPhone location

    My advice is to configure most applications on While using the app and leave the setting active Everlasting only for some particular applications that you consider strictly necessary. A very popular example could be map applications and transport applications, such as Moovit which constantly monitors the user's location (even when not running) to provide real-time directions on buses, subways and other means of transport. present in the city.

    Limiting access to location services by third-party applications is essential, not only because in this way we protect our privacy (having apps that constantly follow our movements is not the utmost confidentiality!) But also because this decreases iPhone battery consumption: as I explained to you in my tutorial on how to save iPhone battery (which I strongly encourage you to read, if you have not yet done so), location functions are among those that consume the most battery and some apps, such as Facebook, often abuse it, drastically reducing the autonomy of our "iPhone by".

    As regards the system services, iOS uses localization to provide more precise results in Spotlight (the quick search bar that appears by scrolling down the home screen (or going to the very first page of the latter), to process map data, search for wireless networks and much more Make sure all these features are active by going to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location> System Services of iOS. Their operation is handled very well by the iPhone, so there is no need to turn off any to save battery.

    How to activate iPhone location

    Locate the iPhone in case of theft / loss

    Do you want activate iPhone location to have the possibility to trace the phone remotely in case of theft or loss? No problem. In this case, the first step you need to take is to go to the settings iOS (by pressing the icon ofgear located on the home screen) and first select the you don't know and then the voice iCloud from the screen that opens. At this juncture make sure that the iPhone is correctly associated with your iCloud account (otherwise log in with the account you currently use).

    Next, scroll down the menu that opens and select the item Find my iPhone. Finally, move up ON the levers relating to the options Find my iPhone e Send last position And that's it. In this way your "iPhone" will be remotely traceable via the Internet and, thanks to the "Send last position" function, you will be able to find out the last known position of the device in case it turns off.

    Please note:  If you are using an iOS version earlier than 10.3, you need to select the items directly iCloud> Find My iPhone from the iOS settings menu.

    How to activate iPhone location

    Your iPhone should now be discoverable using Apple's Find My iPhone service. For safety, however, also enter the menu Settings> Privacy> Location> System Services of iOS and make sure that the entry for Find my iPhone is active.

    At this point you are 100% ready to locate your "iPhone by" from a distance. How you do it? It's that simple. Connect to the website from your computer, log in with your Apple ID (the same one configured on your phone) and click on the icon Find iPhone.

    So wait a few moments for the smartphone to appear on the map, select its name from the menu All devices (above) and choose one of the commands that can be given to the device from the white box that appears on the right.

    How to activate iPhone location

    You can choose to do make a sound to the "iPhone by" (to attract the attention of bystanders), you can activate the lost mode which allows you to lock the iPhone with a security code and show a phone number on its display, or you can initialize the iPhone in such a way that all the information contained on the smartphone memory is deleted. This last operation must be put into practice only in desperate situations (i.e. when you are sure you will no longer be able to recover the device, as it makes the phone no longer traceable remotely).

    All the anti-theft features of the site can also be found in the Find My iPhone application for iPhone and iPad which allows you to locate iPhone, iPad and Mac remotely using an iOS device instead of your computer. Always 100% free.

    Please note: Apple's Find My iPhone service only works if the device to be located (in this case the iPhone) is turned on, has GPS on and has access to the Internet via a wireless network or 3G / LTE network. This means that it is very effective in cases of loss of the smartphone, while it has limited usefulness in cases of theft (when an average thief could turn it off immediately after having scored "the hit"). Don't feel "invincible" just because you have this service active on your iPhone!

    Troubleshoot location problems on Apple Watch

    If you have one Apple Watch first generation and you encounter difficulties in using the location services (for example the ambient temperature is not shown in the weather complication), go to the menu Settings> Privacy> Location iPhone and make sure there is active location for i Apple Watch faces. The exact setting to apply is While using the app.

    How to activate iPhone location

    Once this is done, try opening the app weather on the iPhone and reset your location to default. If not even this move helps you to solve the problem, dissociate the Apple Watch from the iPhone and repeat the pairing of the two devices (to do this, open the app Watch on iPhone, select the name of your Apple Watch and first press the button (I) and then Unpair Apple Watch).

    These indications, I repeat, are valid for the first model of Apple Watch that does not have an integrated GPS module and therefore cannot independently manage the location.

    how to activate iphone location

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