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    How to activate launcher

    Best launchers for Android

    How to activate launcher

    I launcher are applications for Android that replace the default home screen of the device and allow you to modify the user interface in a complete and advanced way.

    There are many launchers and each of them is designed to meet a different type of needs and the most varied aesthetic tastes. Among these, however, there are some that stand out and are considered i best launchers for android.

    One of the most famous and appreciated is in fact Nova Launcher, free app designed for those who want to carry out an advanced personalization of their device. This launcher is also available in a paid version (Nova Launcher Prime) whose cost is € 4,50. Among the additional features of the latter there is the possibility to customize the notification badge, hide apps, create folders in the drawer and much more.

    Another noteworthy launcher is Launch Applications Now, a free app developed by Google that integrates, in its main screen, the possibility of accessing the sections of Google Now, which allow you to have all the information regarding news, weather and traffic at your fingertips.

    Among the best launchers there is also Microsoft Launcher. This is a free application developed by Microsoft that allows you to change the home screen of your device, integrating quick links to the main services Microsoft, such as Outlook and Skype.

    Those I have told you about so far are just some of the most downloaded launchers on Android, but there are also others free and worthy of mention, such as APUS Launcher and Evie Launcher. In this regard, if you want to learn more, I recommend reading my guide dedicated to the best launchers for Android.

    Download a launcher on Android

    How to activate launcher

    To download a launcher on Android, you must first locate it using the Play Store, which is the default virtual store of your Google device. To do this, presses on its icon located on the home screen (the symbol of a colored triangle), then tap on the item Categories located in the menu bar at the top and reach the section Customization.

    Once this is done, press on the voices Custom device e Launch applications, in order to identify, at a glance, all the launchers present in the Google Play Store. Then choose the one you are interested in based on its characteristics (they are described in the Play Store tab) and the information previously provided, then, to install it, first tap on its icon and then on the button Install. Wait for the download and automatic installation, then start the app in question, to start using it.

    Activate the Android launcher from the Home screen

    How to activate launcher

    If you've already downloaded a launcher through the Play Store but can't use it, I guess you're having trouble activating it. In this regard, the first useful solution is to press on thelauncher icon just added to the home screen of your device (or on the button apri in the Play Store), in order to start the application.

    If this does not work, click on the icon Home of Android, i.e. the one located in the center in the bottom bar of the device (usually has the symbol of a hoops or it is the icon of a cottage). By pressing on it, you will be able to see a menu on the screen and you will be asked to select which application you want to use as screen o app Home (the indication may vary depending on the device model).

    Now press on name of the launcher you have installed (for example Starting applications Now), in order to select it. Once this is done, press the button again Home and (in case you have already been asked), indicate if you want to have the launcher start every time as the default app for the screen Home, pressing on the item Everlasting.

    How to activate launcher

    If, on the other hand, you feel you are not sure you want to continue using the installed launcher, click on the item Just once. In the latter case, each time you press the key Home on your device, you will be asked to select the app to use as Home, i.e. as a launcher to use as a home screen for your device.

    Pressing up Just once you can then easily switch from one launcher to another, and possibly go back to using the default one, by pressing on the item that refers to it (for example, on a Wiko smartphone that I have the pre-installed launcher is called My launcher, while on an Android tablet Asus is called ASUS Launcher).

    Activate Android launcher from Settings

    How to activate launcher

    In case you are having problems activating a previously installed launcher, you can perform an alternative procedure that requires you to act through the menu Settings of Android.

    To do this, press the app icon Settings (is the symbol of a gear) that you find on the home screen of your device, then presses on the item Home page, in order to see the list of all previously installed launchers.

    Always working from this screen, put the check mark on the launcher you want to activate to select it. By doing this, the chosen launcher will be activated as the default for the home screen of your device and you will not be asked to manually choose which app to use when you press the button Home on the device.

    If you have second thoughts, you can go back to your default launcher by selecting it from the screen Settings> Home page of Android and you can uninstall the alternative launcher that you had installed by pressing the icon of basket placed next to its name. Easier than that ?!

    How to activate launcher

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