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    How to activate the microphone on Skype

    How to activate the microphone on Skype from PC

    How to activate the microphone on Skype

    You stai chiedendo how to activate the microphone on skype through your PC? To do this, the operations to be performed are very simple.

    First, if you use a PC Windows, open the application of Skype, by pressing on the relative icon on yours desktop or by searching for it using the search bar next to the button Home (the one with the Windows flag) and pressing, then, on the item apri; or, if you use a Macby clicking on the relevant icon in the Launchpad.

    At this point, if necessary, log into your account by entering yours Username and Password, or click on yours user profile to log in directly (in case you have stored your account data on your computer).

    Once logged in, click on yours picture profile and, from the menu that opened, select the item Settings, to access the panel of the latter. Now, in the new window opened, click on the item Audio and video, reach the section Microphone, scrolling down, and select Default microphone among the options present.

    After that, decide whether to keep the setting active Automatically adjusts the microphone settings or deactivate it by moving the lever up OFF (automatic adjustment, however, is recommended).

    Once this is done, you can start a free trial call by clicking on the item Make a free trial call to check your microphone is working. Easy, right?

    How to activate the microphone on Skype from smartphones and tablets

    How to activate the microphone on Skype

    If you use theSkype app, for Android or iOS / iPadOS, on your smartphone or tablet, you probably did not activate the microphone the first time you started the app, or in any case you did not give Skype permission to use this feature.

    To solve the problem, first go to the Settings of your device, by tapping on the relative icon on the main screen.

    After that, if you use a Android device, tap on the item App, to access the specific section, and tap on the icon Skype. In the new screen that opened, click on the item App permissions and activate the lever for the option Microphone moving it up ON.

    If you use a Apple productinstead, after tapping on the icon Settings, in the screen that has opened, scroll down until you find the entry Skype and press on it. Now all that remains is to move on ON the lever next to the wording Microphone And that's it!

    To check what has been done, tap on the app Skype log in by entering yours credentials, and make a call to test the operation of the microphone. With this little trick you shouldn't have any more problems (unless, unfortunately, your microphone is broken).

    How to activate the microphone in Skype Online

    How to activate the microphone on Skype

    Purposes Skype Online and your microphone is not working? Probably, as with mobile apps, you did not allow access to this tool during the initial setup of Skype Online and ended up blocking it.

    To solve the problem you can follow this simple procedure: to start, go to the official Skype Online page, using a compatible browser (Google Chrome O Microsoft Edge), enter your credentials and press the button Log in. Once logged into your account, click on the icon three vertical dots (top right) and choose the item from the menu Settings.

    Now, scroll to the new page that has opened, reach the entry Privacy and security e clicca sull'opzione Site settings. Once done, on the new page that opened, click on the item Microphone, select the microphone you want to use, and tick the toggle, setting it to ON, next to the item stuck.

    This will activate the option Ask before signing in and, every time you enter Skype Online a small one will open pop-up in which to press the key Allow to activate the microphone. Easier than I thought, right?

    If, despite all the suggestions, you have not been able to solve the problem, I recommend that you read my guide on how to contact Skype for assistance on the matter.

    How to activate the microphone on Skype

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