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    How to activate Wind roaming

    Attivare roaming Wind

    Are you interested in understanding how to activate Wind roaming on the SIM provided by the “orange operator” so that you can surf the Internet abroad as well as at home? Do you have a SIM Three and want to understand which smartphone settings to intervene to enable roaming on the Wind network? Read the instructions for Android, iOS e Windows Mobile that you find below and you will find out immediately.

    Your Android

    How to activate Wind roaming

    Do you have an Android device and want to understand how to activate Wind roaming? Then, first of all, grab your smartphone or tablet, unlock it and access the screen of the same where there are the icons of all the applications installed.

    Then tap on the icon of Settings (Quella a forma di gear wheel), presses on the voice Other che trovi in ​​corrispondenza della voce Wireless and ret or on that Other networks you find below Network Connections and activate the option Data roaming/National data roaming annexed to the section Mobile networks of the panel. To confirm the execution of the step up operation OK.

    Are you unable to activate the roaming option? Most likely this is due to the fact that you have not enabled the data connection on your device first. To do this, activate it (even if only temporarily, just to enable roaming, then you can deactivate it and use it if necessary) by going to Settings> Mobile networks and checking the box next to the wording Data connection.

    In addition to this, as I have just indicated, you can activate the data connection on your Android smartphone or tablet by calling the notification center and then pressing on the icon of Conn. dati (Quella with him two arrows).

    Please note: Considering that different versions of Android are available on the square, taking into account the fact that often smartphone (and tablet) manufacturers apply customizations to the operating system and also considering the fact that they are not aware of the brand, model and version of the OS exactly used by you, the indications I have just given you may be slightly different in your case. If so, the items you see on the screen may differ but the menus to access and the steps to take should always be the same.

    Your iOS

    How to activate Wind roaming

    If you are using an iOS device, be it iPhone or iPad, you can enable Wind roaming by first grabbing your device, unlocking it, accessing the home screen and then tapping on the Settings (Quella with the gear wheel).

    On the screen that you will see appear at this point, select the item Mobile phonepiggy back his Cellular data options and carry on ON the switch next to the voice Data roaming. Done.

    Then if you have performed the steps in question but you can not see the option Data roaming in the iOS settings, most likely it is because on your iPhone or iPad you have not activated the cellular data connection in advance. To remedy it, enable it (even if only temporarily, then you can deactivate it and use it as you see fit) by going to Settings> Cellular and carrying his ON the switch next to the item Cellular data.

    In addition to this as seen above, you can activate the use of the data salesman on your iDevice by calling the Control Center by swiping from the bottom to the top of the display or, if you are using iPhone X, from the top right corner to the bottom and then pressing the button with theAntenna

    Su Windows Mobile

    How to activate Wind roaming

    To activate Wind roaming on a device instead Windows Mobile all you have to do is grab your device, unlock it and access the screen where you find the complete list of all applications. Then stop on Settings, scegli l'opzione Cellular network, locate the item Data roaming options e seleziona l'opzione connect while roaming from the drop-down menu.

    Can't see the options above? In all likelihood it is because the data connection is not enabled on your device. To deal with this, activate it (even temporarily, just to enable roaming, then you can deactivate it and use it if necessary) by going to Settings> Cellular Network and choosing the option Si from the menu you find under the item Data network.

    Check coverage

    As anticipated at the beginning of the article, another thing I want to explain to you, for completeness of information, is how to perform the verification of coverage of the Wind network abroad and of the Tre network on the national territory so as to make sure that once the roaming function is enabled you can actually use the service or in any case it is in the best possible way. Below you will find an explanation of how to do it.

    Wind abroad

    How to activate Wind roaming

    Are you interested in checking which services you can actually use in a given country abroad once Wind roaming is activated and especially if the operator offers its services for that specific country? Then connect to this page of the Wind website using any web browser and select the continent and country of reference from the map in the center of the screen. Alternatively, you can use the special menu at the bottom, next to the wording International roaming. Check coverage:.

    You will then be shown a card containing all the information relating to the services enabled for that country, any costs to be incurred and the operators available as well as the reference tariff zone, the international prefix, the one for the city and any availability. of satellite coverage.

    I would also like to point out that for further details in this regard as well as to deepen the discussion related to coverage in general, you can refer to my dedicated tutorial, in fact, on how to check Wind coverage.

    Di Tre in town

    How to activate Wind roaming

    If, on the other hand, you are interested in understanding how to verify the Tre coverage in order to make sure that after activating Wind roaming you can actually use it on your device, all you have to do is connect to this page of the website di Tre, type the name of your reference area in the appropriate field at the top, select the relevant suggestion from those proposed and check that the map is colored.

    The colored areas are in fact those for which coverage is available (not only through Wind roaming but also under the direct Tre network). On the side you also find the buttons 2G e 3G | 4G to choose which type of cover to check while buttons [+] e [-] which are always on the side allow you to increase or decrease the zoom level of the map.

    If you think you need more details on the issue and to deepen the discussion in general relating to coverage Three, I suggest you take a look at my tutorial on coverage Three, precisely, through which I proceeded to address the subject in great detail.

    In case of problems

    How to activate Wind roaming

    Despite having followed the above instructions to activate roaming with Wind, have you not yet succeeded in your intent? Did you encounter unexpected extra rates or was there some other problem? Then first of all make sure that your device is correctly configured to take advantage of the Wind network or, in the case of Tre's roaming on the orange operator's network, that of Tre, in fact, by looking directly at the website of the two operators. .

    In fact, by connecting to the dedicated section of the Wind and Tre portal you will find a bunch of specific guides for the various models of smartphones and tablets on how to correctly set the use of the network of both operators as well as on how to enable the use of the roaming function.

    As for unexpected costs or any other problems, you can rely on customer care of the reference manager and ask for more info about it directly from the operator with whom you will find yourself talking.

    If you don't know how to do it, you can get in touch with Wind customer service by calling155, by writing to the fan page on Facebook or via Twitter, while to contact Tre's customer service you can call 133 or, even in this case, you can write to the manager's Facebook page or, again, to the official Twitter account. For further information on what to do, you can refer to my articles on how to talk to the Wind operator and how to contact Operator Tre.

    Another thing I advise you to do is then that, albeit apparently trivial, to carry out some research on the net, for example through Google, using keywords such as “attivare roaming Wind”. Most likely, among the search results you will find several links to forums and other sites dedicated to the issue on which other users like you have reported their experiences (and maybe even managed to solve the problems encountered) and you can therefore receive more details by accessing it.

    How to activate Wind roaming

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