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    How to clear internet histories

    How many times have you ever used a PC shared with other users or a tablet / smartphone not owned by you? In these cases we will have to be very good at avoiding leaving your browsing history and all our personal data at the mercy of other users, who may very well be using our accounts without our consent.
    To avoid misunderstandings and foolishness, it is therefore better to always keep this guide at hand, where we will show you how clear the history, in all major browsers that are used daily. For each browser we will show you the procedure for computers and the procedure for the mobile app, so that we can delete the traces of our navigation on any device. To meet all types of users we will show you the simplest procedures, i.e. those that require the least possible number of steps.

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    For this guide we will show you the steps to take in order to clear history on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer on PC and Mac. For browsers that have a mobile version of the app, we will show you also the steps to be taken on smartphones and tablets, valid for any operating system you use (Android and iOS).

    Clear history on Google Chrome

    If we use Google Chrome for Windows and Mac, we can quickly delete the history by pressing the CTRL + SHIFT + DEL or ⌘ + SHIFT + DEL keys on the keyboard (on Mac) and, in the window that appears, select the tab Advanced, let's set it as a time interval Tutto, we apply the check mark to the item Navigazione timeline and finally click on Clear data.

    To delete the history from the Google Chrome app (available for Android and iOS), press on the three dots at the top (or at the bottom, in case we use an iPhone), let's go to the menu Chronology and press the button Clear browsing data. In the new screen, make sure that the item is selected Navigazione timeline, then we press the key Clear data to remove all traces of the history.

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    Clear history on Firefox

    If we use the famous open source browser Mozilla Firefox, we can quickly delete the history by pressing the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + SHIFT + DEL or ⌘ + SHIFT + DEL (on Mac) and, from the window that appears, we select the time interval Tutto, we put the check mark on Navigation timeline and download then we confirm the cancellation by clicking on the button Cancel now.

    To delete the history from the Mozilla Firefox app (available for Android and iOS), press on the three dots at the top right, select Chronology and we tap on the item Delete history, present below.

    Clear history on Safari

    Do we use the default browser present on all Macs and MacBooks? In this case we can quickly delete the browsing history by opening the browser, clicking at the top on Chronology > Cancel the timeline, then clicking the pop-up menu and setting the desired time interval (for example Tutto to clear the entire history).

    If, on the other hand, we want to delete the Safari history on iPhone and iPad, let's take the path of the app Settings > Safari and we touch the voice Clear website data and history.

    Clear history on Microsoft Edge

    Do we use the default web browser in Windows 10? In this case we can quickly delete the browsing history by pressing the key combination CTRL + SHIFT + DEL, so as to bring up the left sidebar; from here it is sufficient to place the check mark on the item Browsing history, then click the item Clear.

    If we use Microsoft Edge as an app for smartphones or tablets (available for both Android and iOS), we can delete the browsing history by pressing on the menu with the three dots at the bottom right, by tapping on Settings and finally taking us on the path Privacy -> Clear browsing data. In the new window, we put the check mark on the item Chronology and finally tap on Clear to start the procedure.

    Clear history on Internet Explorer

    The good old Internet Explorer is still used, as well as being the default browser on Windows 7 and Window 8.1 (we can find it as a backup browser on Windows 10 as well). To clear the history, simply open the Windows Start menu, type Internet options and open the program of the same name (actually one of the Control Panel tools).
    Once this window opens, click on Delete, present under the section Browsing history, put the check mark on the History item then proceed with the cancellation by selecting the button Delete.

    Clear histories on other browsers

    On PC we can delete all browser histories present or installed using the free CCleaner program.

    Once started, it will allow you to delete all browser histories (even those not started), simply by selecting the item Chronology under each browser on the tab Cleaningby pressing the Analyze button and then the button Start cleaning.
    In a few seconds all the histories of the various browsers on the computer will be emptied, so as to avoid having to follow the manual procedure for each of them. To clean the operating system more thoroughly, we recommend that you read our guide to Best Free PC Cleaners to Delete Junk Files (Windows).


    We have seen together all the fastest procedures to clear the history from the main web browsers, both for PCs and Macs and for the apps available for Android and iOS.
    If you then want to erase all usage data from your computer, there are some programs for delete all traces of what you do on your PC.
    Still on the subject of browsers and security, we invite you to read our guides on how block the saving of visited sites in the browser history, as Clear the data of the sites you visit every time you close Chrome or Firefox and finally how Delete the suggestions from the address bar.
    Similar to history, it is also possible clear the cache of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers

    Finally, we remind you that the sites opened with the Incognito mode of the browser they are not stored in the history, plus there are several ways to let friends and guests use your PC separately and securely, with no possibility for them to see our private things.

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