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    How to disable paid services Three

    Through the Single Deactivation Center

    How to disable paid services Three

    The easiest way to disable WINDTRE paid services is to take action through the Single Deactivation Center, a free service which, by calling the dedicated toll-free number, allows you to find out if there are any active VASs on your line and, if so, proceed with their deactivation.

    To use it, call the number +800 442 299 XNUMX and follow the instructions of the voice guide to deactivate the active subscriptions on your telephone number. If you hear the message “There are no active Premium Services on the toll-free number”, however, you do not have to do anything: your number obviously has no active VAS.

    Through the WINDTRE app

    How to disable paid services Three

    Another solution you can use to deactivate subscription services is to take action via the WINDTRE app, available both for Android (if you have a device without Play Store, see if there is any alternative store) and for iOS / iPadOS.

    After installing and launching the app, if you are connected to the cellular data network of WINDTRE, you do not need to face any registration and / or login procedure, as the data of your line will be shown automatically. If you are connected to a network Wi-Fi, instead, you must log in to your account, providing your login data, or register if you have not already done so (I explained how to do it in this other guide).

    Next, tap on thelittle man located at the bottom right, write "Deactivate [paid service name]" in the typing field located at the bottom of the screen and, after pressing theairplane, pigia sul pulsating Yes. In this way you will agree to speak with a consultant who will be able to provide you with the necessary assistance to deactivate the paid services active on your account.

    Through the WINDTRE website

    How to disable paid services Three

    If you prefer to manage your line using the computer, you can conveniently do so using the WINDTRE site which, through theArea online, allows you to view and disable the paid services active on your number.

    To use this solution, go to the home page of the WINDTRE website, click on the button Login (top right), click on the button Log in and, after filling out the form with your login details, click on the button Log in. If you are not registered yet, click on the button Create your account and follow the guided procedure to register on the WINDTRE site.

    Once logged in, click on the item Your offer (on the left), select the tab My services, then click the Service Name you want to deactivate (they should be in the section Content services) and click on the button to make it disabling.

    Through telephone support

    How to disable paid services Three

    If you are concerned about not being able to disable paid services through the solutions proposed above, you should know that you can contact thehelpline of WINDTRE and speak to an operator, from whom you can also request the preventive blocking of unwanted services.

    To get in touch with WINDTRE customer service, then pick up your phone, dial the number 159 and start the call. Now, press the key combination to talk to an operator: after being on hold, press the button 2, wait a little longer and then press the button 5, so as to receive assistance on the number you are calling from. To get assistance with another numbering, after waiting for a few seconds, press the button 1 and then indicates the number for which you request assistance.

    The combination of keys to press to obtain assistance from a WINDTRE employee could change from one moment to the next, therefore I recommend that you listen carefully to the guide voice and read my tutorial on how to contact WINDTRE for more information about it.

    I remind you that the call is free if it is made from a WINDTRE number and the number is available every day, 24 hours a day, although it is better to call from 24:08 to 00:23 to be sure that the request is handled.

    How to ask for a refund

    How to disable paid services Three

    If unsolicited paid services have been activated on your line, you can ask for a refund by contacting WINDTRE customer service within 7 days of activating the unsolicited subscription. I recommend that you request a refund before deactivating your subscription, so that operators can check the actual duration of the subscription.

    To request a refund, call 159 and type the combination of keys to speak to an operator as indicated in the previous paragraphs. Then indicate your problem to the WINDTRE employee and ask for a refund: in the event of a positive response, it will be credited to you in the days following your request.

    How to disable paid services Three

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