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    How to disable Secure Network

    How to disable Vodafone Secure Network mobile network

    Do you want disable Secure Network, or better, Vodafone Digital Privacy & Security da mobile network? Then follow the instructions below. As anticipated at the beginning, you can perform the aforementioned operation in different ways: through theonline area of the operator's site, by calling aappropriate numbering or through the customer care. For all the details of the case, read on.

    Via online area

    If you want disable Secure Network (or better, Vodafone Digital Privacy & Security) on your SIM and you prefer to act as a computer, you can intervene through theDo it yourself area attached to the website of the operator, which allows each customer to monitor the details of their number, to manage offers and services, receive assistance and much more.

    To do this, just start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet from a computer (eg. Chrome) and visit the home page of the Vodafone website. Next, move the mouse pointer over the button Do-it-yourself present at the top right and click on the button Log in attached to the menu that appears. Then fill in the fields displayed with your login data and press the button Log in.

    If you don't have a Vodafone account yet, after selecting the button Do-it-yourselfclick on your bottone Subscribe, type il your phone number in the empty field visible on the screen, click the button Confirm number and follow the instructions given to you to complete the procedure. You will also receive a verification code by SMS.

    Once you have accessed the DIY area of ​​the Vodafone site, if you have associated more than one number with your user, check that in correspondence with the item You are browsing with which is located at the top left, the correct numbering (otherwise you do), then click on the menu Active offers always placed at the top of the page and expand the section Options and promotions by clicking on the relevant button capacitor positive (+) lead.

    After completing the above steps, click on the button Manage placed next to the option Digital Privacy & Security and confirm your intention to deactivate Digital Privacy & Security by clicking on the button Confirmation.

    Immediately after, you will be shown a message on the computer screen indicating that the procedure was successful and within a short time you will also receive an SMS confirming the deactivation of the service.

    Via telephone

    If you prefer, you can consider deactivating Rete Sicura / Vodafone Digital Privacy & Security by phone, by calling 42070, which is the number of the well-known operator that allows you to disable the services and promotions active on your line. The numbering is active 24 hours a day and 24 days a week and the call is free.

    To disable Digital Privacy & Security in this way, take your smartphone, log in to dialer, dial on the numeric keypad the number that I have just pointed out to you and press the key to initiate a phone call (typically it is the green one with the telephone handset lifted).

    When the call has started, listen to the instructions of the voice guide to find out which number to press on the numeric keypad to proceed with deactivating the service. More precisely, you need to press the button to know and manage active offers on your numbering (it should match the 3), then the button related to Digital Privacy and Security (should match the 2), then the key to deactivate the service (should always match the 2) and, finally, the one for key to confirm the choice made (should correspond to the1).

    After completing the above steps, you will get a voice feedback and an SMS will be sent to your mobile number indicating that the procedure to deactivate Digital Privacy & Security has really been successful.

    However, keep in mind that the instructions provided by the Vodafone voice guide may be subject to change. So, my instructions aside, follow the instructions of the voice recording, in order to avoid unnecessary errors of form and waste of time.

    Through customer service

    As an alternative to as I have already illustrated to you or in the event that the systems indicated were not effective, you can deactivate Rete Sicura / Vodafone Digital Privacy & Security by contacting customer care of the manager, then calling the 190 and asking the operator on duty to disable the service.

    The numbering is active 24 hours a day, 24 days a week, but technical assistance is only available from 7:7 to 08:00 (at other times it is possible to forward requests relating to the blocking of lost or stolen SIMs or for problems with charging). The call is free, but only if it is made from a Vodafone number, while i management costs of the practice by the operator which amount to 3 euros.

    That said, to speak with Vodafone customer service, take your smartphone, log in to dialer, type on the keypad la numbering that I pointed out earlier and press the key to make a call (usually it is the green one with the telephone handset lifted).

    Once the phone call has started, press the button to get support for the mobile line (usually corresponds to1), select the key to speak to an operator (usually corresponds to the 4) and press the button to confirm your intentions (usually corresponds to the 3).

    Wait for your request to be taken care of and for an operator to answer you, then explain to him that you want to disable Digital Privacy and Security and wait for the operator to proceed with the deactivation and confirm the success of the thing. In the meantime, you should also receive an SMS indicating that the procedure was successful.

    I would like to point out that the functioning of Vodafone's telephone customer service (like that of other telephone operators) may undergo variations. So, to avoid running into form errors and wasting time, I suggest you always follow the instructions of the recorded voice with the utmost attention, since there may be changes related to the sequence of keys to be pressed in order to get in touch with an operator.

    Also know that if you have activated the Vodafone Exclusive service on your card, you can speak to a Vodafone customer service operator directly by calling the number 193.

    What I have just indicated is not the only way to contact Vodafone customer service. In fact, you can do so, to request the deactivation of Digital Privacy & Security, via Facebook, Twitter e WhatsApp, following the instructions below. The accounts are always active, but the operators only answer from 08:00 to 22:00.

    • Facebook - connect to the Vodafone Facebook page and press on button to send a message, then use the chat window that appears to express your need to speak to an operator by first typing the command "it begins" and then the sentence "Talk to an operator". Then wait for the customer service response, provide your user data when requested and explain your needs.
    • Twitter - send a tweet to the @VodafoneIT account on Twitter, mentioning it in the message and requesting assistance. As this is a public message, please do not enter your phone number or other sensitive information. Provide the information in question only when you are invited to continue the conversation privately and only when specifically requested. Next, explain your needs.
    • WhatsApp - add the number prefix 349 91 90 190 to WhatsApp contacts, following the instructions I gave you in my tutorial on the subject. Afterward, start a chat with the contact in question to start talking to ToBi, the Vodafone bot, then type and send the message “speak to operator”, wait for confirmation of receipt of your request, wait to be put in contact with a consultant and indicate your needs.

    How to disable Vodafone Secure Network fixed network

    You had enabled Vodafone's Digital Privacy & Security service also on fixed network and now would you like to understand how you can get rid of it? If this is the case, know that you can do it by putting into practice the same procedures that I have already indicated to you in the previous lines to disable Vodafone Safe Network on your SIM, that is: online, by phone or through the operator's customer service.

    Obviously, if you are asked to specify your telephone number, you will need to provide the one relating to your landline. The same applies to the type of line, which may possibly need to be indicated.

    How to disable Secure Network

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