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    How to Install Chromecast

    Stage 1 - Open the box

    Open the box and take out all the components. There should be a USB link, the Chromecast and a power connector.

    Step 2 - Install and organize the Google Home app.

    1. Download the "Google Home" app from the Apple Store or Google Play and click to get started.

    2. You will be prompted to sign in with your Google account. In case you do not have one, you will need to create one: see step 3-5. In case you already have one, go directly to step 6.

    3. Create a Google account by entering your first and last name, date of birth and orientation.

    4. 4. Enter your email address. To utilize is not accessible, you will be offered comparable choices or you can attempt a totally new one.

    5. 5. Enter your secret word. You can also add your phone number for security and simplicity of resetting your secret word.

    6. At this point you can log in with your subtleties and add your home.

    7. 7. Click on "New gadget". Then at that point name your home.

    8. The application will request access to your zone. When you have everything enabled, you can start setting up your Chromecast.

    Step 3 - Setting up your Chromecast

    1. Assuming your TV has a USB port, there is no compelling reason to use the power connector, as the Chromecast can draw power directly from the TV. In this situation, the Chromecast will turn on and off when the TV is turned on or off. In case you do not have a USB port, follow the means below.

    2. Associate the HDMI connector on the Chromecast to a free HDMI input on the TV.

    3. Connect the USB link to the Chromecast and then associate the link to the TV's USB port or power connector.

    4. Turn on the TV and select the TV source according to the HDMI input you have associated the Chromecast to.

    5. At this point you will see an image on the TV that guides you to a Google address. You can skip it.

    6. In the Google Home application, select the Add button (circle with the plus symbol and a letter "I"). On the off chance that you haven't turned on WiFi on your versatile/tablet, it will prompt you to do so.

    7. The application will search for, find and attempt to interconnect your Chromecast.

    8. Each time your laptop/tablet associates with your Chromecast, your TV will show an image with a 4 person code.

    9. The Google Home app will also show you a code and ask you if the code matches what you see on the TV. This is to ensure that you have not partnered with yet another Chromecast in your home or, more unfortunately, your neighbor's Chromecast.

    10. Assuming the code matches, select Yes.

    11. The Google Home app will ask you if you need to help further develop the Chromecast and give unknown data to Google. Answer according to your point of view.

    12. At this point the application will ask you for the area of your Chromecast. For example, if during the arrangement, you are in the living room, select Living room.

    13. 13. It is now time to associate your Chromecast to your WiFi organization. The application displays the list of accessible WiFi organizations. Pick your organization and enter the secret word to interconnect the Chromecast to this organization.

    14. NOTE: If you have different WiFi organizations (for example, a 2.4 and a 5 GHz organization, select the organization you interact with most frequently). Both your Chromecast and your laptop/tablet ought to be in a similar organization when you stream to your Chromecast. In the event that your versatile is associated with an unexpected organization compared to the one you decide for your Chromecast, you will get a warning.

    15. Chromecast asks the application to connect your Chromecast with your Google account. By the time you have responded to this query, the arrangement will be finished.

    16. The application will take you to a brief manual to show you a little determination of the applications that help Chromecast and show you how to begin streaming. On the off chance that you wish, you can decide to bypass this progression or let yourself be directed by the application.

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