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    Main features and tricks for Chrome on Android and iPhone / iPad

    No matter how big your tablet screen is or how effective your smartphone browser is, browsing the internet will never be perfect. In fact, browsers are profoundly different in mobile declination: the same Google Chrome, the most used browser, appears in a different form if started on a tablet or smartphone, so as to adapt adequately to the smaller screen or to the larger screen (in the case of tablets).

    To use a mobile browser accurately and effectively, it may be a good idea to learn a few first trick for Google Chrome on Android, iPhone and iPad, so you can surf without worries and get all the most useful functions from the most famous and popular browser in the world.

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    1) Scroll through the open tabs

    Chrome supports finger gestures for quickly switch from one tab to another. These gestures work on Android phones, iPhones, and iPads. On an Android phone, we place our finger anywhere on the address bar and swipe our finger to the left or right; swiping your finger down will open all the open tabs instead.

    On the iPhone or iPad, instead, you must place your finger on the edge of the screen and swipe inwards to move between the open tabs, so you can open more content and also copy text from one page to another without using the indicator of the pages.

    2) List of cards

    To use this function, touch the tab button at the top or bottom for view all open tabs on Chrome. We tap a tab to switch to that or tap the X button to close it. To close it, you can also put your finger on an open tab and swipe your finger left or right.

    You can quickly close all open tabs using the option Close all tabs.

    3) Double tap to zoom

    Chrome has a "smart zoom" feature that allows you to double-tap anywhere on a website to enlarge it. For example, if you are viewing a desktop version of a website and the text is lowercase, just double-tap to enlarge that part of the page. This feature does not work on mobile versions of websites and only works on sites designed for PCs.

    Of course you can also use the pinches on the screen to zoom in and out as we are already used to doing with other browsers.

    4) History and Find on Page

    In the Chrome options you can open the history of sites already visited. This option was previously hidden and appeared in the latest versions. In the options you can also find the text search function on the page you are visiting, so as to immediately find the content that interests us, without having to scroll the whole page.

    5) Google Voice Search

    You can use the voice search with Chrome tapping the microphone icon in the address bar; after the touch we provide permission to access the microphone on the device and, as soon as the microphone icon appears, we pronounce the words or the site to be searched by voice, so as to automatically fill in the search field.

    6) Request for PC version of a site

    To request the desktop version of a website in Chrome, you have to touch the button Menu and select the option. Chrome will pretend you are using a computer.

    In this way it is also possible to open news sites or sites designed for use on a PC in a complete way or to see how the page looks if opened from a computer (in this case emulated).

    7) Google Synchronization

    The best feature of Google Chrome and the reason to use it as the main browser on the phone and also on the iPhone is without a shadow of a doubt synchronization with a Google account: If you also use Chrome on your PC, every favorite site is synchronized and can be found on your mobile. In addition to bookmarks, we can also synchronize passwords, the last opened tabs, history and personal information, so as to quickly fill in each field.

    To learn more we can read our guides Synchronize browser data and passwords on each device e Google Chrome for iPad and iPhone synchronized with the PC.

    8) Reduction of bandwidth

    In Chrome we can save bandwidth and browse faster on Android and iPhone. To achieve this increase in performance, simply activate the function to reduce data usage, so that the web pages will be routed through Google's servers, compressed and then returned to the phone or tablet.

    To learn more we can also read the guide Lite mode in Chrome (on Android and iPhone).

    9) Preloading of websites

    The pre-load function is on by default and makes it Chrome capable of automatically retrieving the web page you think will be loaded next. By default, this feature is enabled only when using a Wi-Fi connection to avoid consuming valuable mobile data.

    The activation or not of this function can be changed by opening the Settings menu and taking us to the menu Privacy and security.

    10) Send sites from one device to another

    One of the newest features on Google Chrome is sending open tabs to other devices with Chrome installed, so you can resume reading an article by switching from PC to mobile and vice versa on a continuous basis. To use this function on a smartphone or tablet, open the web page to be viewed on the PC, press the three dots at the top, choose the Share item and, from the new menus at the bottom, select Send to your devices, choosing the device to send the site to from the list that will appear.

    From a PC, the procedure for sending the cards is similar: right click on the card to send, open the menu Send to and choose where to continue reading.


    With these tricks we will be able to make the most of Google Chrome on Android and on iPhone / iPad, making the most of the capabilities of the Google browser even when we are away from the PC. Finally, as in Chrome for PC, you can type the address Chrome: // flags on the address bar to access the menu of experimental functions (only on Android). It is recommended that you do not change any of these settings if you do not know what you are doing. To this we also add that it is important to note that Chrome on iPhone and iPad is essentially a different interface than Safari, so not all functions will be available as seen on Android.

    To learn more we can also read our guides Improve Chrome on Android by changing these 10 Settings e Download web pages and videos with Chrome on Android.

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