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    As you can easily guess from its name, it is the AccuWeather's Windows 8 app, a service of weather forecasts truly spectacular that allows you to always keep the temperatures and climate of your city under control ... but not only! It is possible to view the current status and weather forecasts for cities around the world with breathtaking animated graphics and lots of interesting information, such as the ideal activities to do during the day. Completely in cittàn and always updated minute by minute. Free. Download from here.


    Cookbook It is one of programs for Windows 8 most popular of the moment. It is a kind of virtual recipe book which gives access to a huge library of recipes suitable for every taste and need, 100% free. It is possible to browse the dishes both according to the type (first courses, second courses, appetizers, desserts, etc.) and according to the ingredients available. Unfortunately, for the moment it has not yet been translated into cittàn but it is still a very useful resource for all cooking enthusiasts. Download from here.

    Remote Desktop

    Remote Desktop is the official Windows 8 application that allows you to remotely control other PCs equipped with the Microsoft operating system. It is 100% free and can also be used by tablets and hybrid devices, so you can have control of your home computer even when you are on vacation, at the office or at dinner with friends. It is very easy to use and has already been fully localized in cittàn. Download from here.


    Also eBay it is one of the first programs for Windows 8 with a free app that simplifies all the operations that can be carried out on the famous online auction site. It allows you to search for items, participate in auctions, place ads and much more. It has extremely simple to use graphics, very colorful, and has been translated completely into cittàn to be used on eBay city without any kind of problem. Download from here.


    FlightAware is a free application for Windows 8 tailor-made for all flying and aircraft enthusiasts. In fact, it allows you to view all scheduled flights in progress on an interactive map that is updated in real time. It allows you to monitor the skies around the world easily and, apart from a few minor flaws of youth, it is really very well done. It has not yet been translated into cittàn but you don't need to be an English teacher to use it to its full potential. Download from here.


    MetroTwit it is simply there best Twitter application for Windows 8. Through its elegant and simple to use interface, in full Windows 8 style, it allows you to view the tweets of all your friends, the mentions received and many other news from the blue bird's social network. It is structured on several customizable columns within which it is possible to view updates based on specific keywords or users. At the moment the cittàn translation is still missing but it shouldn't be long in coming. Download from here.

    Programs for Windows 8

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