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    PS5: our tips for boosting your connection and downloading games faster

    The PS5 is obviously very focused on online, in particular via the PS Plus, the PS Store but also via its multimedia aspect. It's not for nothing that Sony has marketed a version without a disc drive. In this little tutorial, we will help you to master your console, especially in terms of downloads. Here are some very simple tips to download games faster on your machine.

    The PS5 has been available for over a year now and you may have received it only recently. Logically, you want to have the best possible experience with your new baby. In this tutorial, we will see how to maximize download speeds on your console. This can be useful, especially since today many games are purchased digitally and almost all of them regularly require large patches.

    For those who know a little bit about console operation, adjusting settings to increase game download speed is a snap. For laymen, this can quickly turn into a puzzle. Do not panic, We will help you. There are several little things to do to optimize your machine, it's simple and doesn't take more than 5 minutes.

    This is our second tutorial dedicated to the PS5. In the first one we explained to you how to easily transfer your data from your PS4 to your PS5.

    Check your connection

    Knowing your connection is of course the basis. If you have fiber, you will logically download much faster than if you still have ADSL. But the fiber connections are not valid and to check its power, just run a speed test. To do so, it is simply necessary type Speed ​​Test in Google and press the button "start the speed test". This will show you the performance of your connection. If you don't know what it really stands for, Google will warn you whether or not it's very fast compared to the average.

    If your connection is poor at the base, your PS5 will download the games very slowly. Logic.

    Connect your console to Ethernet

    When you turn on your console for the first time, it asks you to connect to WiFi, by default. However, you can right from the start connect it to Ethernet to increase speed. All you need is an Ethernet cable (found for less than 10 euros), plug it into the console as well as your Internet box. Thus, the box and the PS5 are connected more efficiently than Wifi. This brings a faster connection, but also a more stable one. Almost essential for online games, therefore.

    If your console is already connected via Wifi, it is still possible to connect it via Ethernet. Normally, the PS5 automatically takes the connection into account, but it costs nothing to check:

    • Go to settings (small cogwheel at the top right of the interface).
    • Then go to Network.
    • Then go to Settings (left).
    • Then click Configure the Internet connection
    • Select option LAN cable 1 rather than Wi-Fi. With this you will already gain a lot on download speed

    In Wifi, take care to place your PS5 correctly

    In some cases, you cannot connect your console to Ethernet, either because the layout of your home does not allow it, or because you do not want to (you have the right to do so). It is therefore possible to connect your PS5 to Wi-Fi, but there are a few small rules to follow. Extremely basic things.

    First of all, you must ensure that your Wi-Fi box not be too far from the console. If this is the case, the signal will logically be weaker and the connection speed will suffer. Thus, your downloads will be slower and your online games not very pleasant.

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    It is also necessary to take care to place the box in a place where the propagation of Wi-Fi waves will be unhindered. Thus, it is better to favor a room in the center of your home and a placement in height. It's wise to avoid putting your modem (and your PS5) near objects that will attenuate the signal, such as a thick concrete wall, an aquarium or even a microwave.

    If your console is located in a room far from the one where your box is located, you can use a Wi-Fi repeater in order to have a correct signal. Indispensable for large houses.

    Set DNS

    Another small thing to do to increase the speed of your connection even more when you are on Ethernet: modify the DNS. By default, it is set automatically, but it is possible to adjust it to gain even more speed by connecting to Google's. Nothing's easier.

    • In settings, you have to go back to Network.
    • Then in ParametersAnd in Configure the Internet connection.
    • Once in this menu, just go to Configure manually (bottom)
    • Then select Via network cable (LAN)
    • In this menu, you must select DNS settings.
    • Then you have to put them in Manual.
    • Then in Primary DNS, you have to type (without forgetting the points) then in Secondary DNS

    A small manipulation to know to further optimize your console. It won't drastically change the experience, but it will provide an extra boost and better stability.

    The PS5 in rest mode rather than off

    Like the PS4, the PS5 has three power modes: on, off and off. In the latter, it is no longer supplied and no longer consumes energy. In rest mode, the PS5 is indeed in standby, but keep downloadingwhether it's games or updates. This mode is indicated by a Orange LED on the machine's vents. So if you have pending downloads, then it is best to put it in this mode when you are not using it.

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    To put it in this mode, it's very simple. You press the PS button on your controller and once you have the menu at the bottom showing up you go to the power button on the far right. By pressing it, you then have the choice of putting the PS5 in idle mode or switching it off. Pressing the power button on the front of the console also automatically puts it to sleep.

    The console theoretically remains connected to the Internet automatically in rest mode. If you want to be sure, just go check it out. It could not be easier :

    • Go to Parameters and select System.
    • Then go to Power management.
    • Once done, you have to go on Features available in idle mode then tick the box Stay Connect to the Internet.

    In this mode, you start the download of a big game and you can put your console on standby, it will be well installed when you return (unless you leave for three minutes, of course).

    Manage your downloads

    Finally, one last little thing to know about managing downloads. On the main interface you can access your game library. From here you can download the games you bought in dematerialized (the games bought in disc are locked unless you put the blu-ray in the console).

    If you have launched several downloads at once, you will be able to see them in the dedicated menu. Just press your PS button and go to the icon Downloads in the menu that appears at the bottom. In this menu you will see the game that is currently downloading and the others pending. If you want to download a pending game first, just go to it and select Start Download.

    Keep your console up to date

    Maybe it's just a detail but keeping your console up to date is important. Not only does this allow you to access the online store, but also to take advantage of improvements and new features, which could concern the online part.

    To update your console, you only need to connect it to the net. If a more recent update than yours is available, it will be reported automatically and you just have to accept its installation. Child's play !

    You now have the keys to increasing the download speeds of your PS5. Little tips that could help you play faster on your brand new machine.


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