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    Warning of site with malware on Chrome and Firefox, how to continue

      Warning of site with malware on Chrome and Firefox, how to continue Modern Chrome and Firefox browsers are capable of blocking websites they deem dangerous.
      It often happens to open a website, perhaps from a link on Facebook or even from a Google search, and see a red page with the details of the risks that can be run by visiting this site. Sometimes these warnings are very useful and legitimate, blocking internet browsing when directed to a dangerous site.
      Other times, however, it can happen that a site that is normally good and also quite popular is blocked with a red page of danger.
      In these cases it may be that the site administrator has suffered a hacker attack or has made a mistake by uploading some file considered harmful.
      The important thing is to know how bypass Firefox and Chrome protection when a site is blocked with red page of danger.

      Sia in Chrome che in Firefox, the "The site you are about to visit contains malware" warning is displayed when the site is suspicious phishing or if it contains malware.
      The warning has a very obvious button to return to the protected area and leave that site, which seems to be the only option available.
      in Chrome there is also a link to see the details of the problem while in Firefox you can click the Why button to find out what happened with that blocked site.
      I had already written about Chrome's safe browsing settings.
      For Firefox the speech is very similar and dangerous sites are divided into malicious sites, fake sites and sites with dangerous software.

      To open that site anyway, in Chrome you have to click on the link visit this insecure site which is under the details.
      In Firefox, however, the link is visible, in small size, on the right side of the red box where it says "Ignore warning".
      Firefox, once the warning is ignored, allows you to mark that site as not counterfeit or to close it immediately before there are problems.
      To prove these warnings there are two sample pages, one / testing / malware / for Chrome and one for for Firefox.

      Even if not recommended, you can always disable the security check of websites in the settings.
      In Chrome the option is found by pressing the button with three dots at the top right, in the settings, under the section Privacy. then click on Safety and choose between Enhanced Security, Standard Security (Recommended) or No Security.
      In Firefox, however, the option is found in the security options.

      Another type of error that blocks browsing is the one related to the https security certificate.
      Sometimes you can open a site and see that the browser shows an error page regarding the security certificate, something that can be scary as it is dangerous.
      We talked about the problems in the https security certificate, also explaining how to continue browsing.

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