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    Windows 10, a new Start menu is coming: how it will be

    Windows 10, a new Start menu is coming: how it will be

    Il Start menu in Windows 10 could change soon: rumors relating to the definitive abandonment, by Microsoft, of the "Live Tiles", that is the "tiles" that today occupy a large part of the space in the menu to bring information and links to apps, are becoming more and more insistent which, in the vast majority of cases, the user does not want.

    The latest rumor about the futuro del Start menu in Windows 10 comes from Windows Latest, and relates to the againgoodbye to Live Tiles. The site's forecast is that they can disappear as early as the end of 2020 or, at the latest by the first months of 2021. The Start menu, in this way, would change profoundly and return to how it was before Windows 8, the operating system with which they debuted. in the desktop environment the Live Tiles already seen on Windows Phone. A much cleaner and simplified menu, therefore, which takes up less space and has far fewer distractions and which, consequently, could be much more appreciated by users.

    Live Tiles: why they go away

    In theory the Live Tiles they should simplify the user's life and not complicate it, allowing him to access some information without the need to open the app from which such information is taken. In short, they are the concept of "widgets" applied to the Start menu. If all this makes sense on a smartphone, however, many have immediately pointed out that on a desktop the Live Tiles have meaning. very little: the experience of using a PC is not comparable to that of a mobile phone Live Tiles hardly anyone has ever used them.

    The new Start menu

    Without the Live Tiles, but with the icons of the new Fluent Design: this could be the Start menu del futuro. And, to be honest, it is thought that it will soon become very similar to that seen on Windows 10X, Microsoft's "simplified" operating system for foldable and dual-screen mobile devices. No "tiles", new icons and large space for universal search could be Microsoft's recipe for returning the love Windows users once had for Start menu.

    When the new Start menu arrives

    Much of the assumptions currently running on the new Start menu are not far-fetched: they derive from one trial version of Windows 10 which was supposed to be tested by Microsoft's in-house developers but was accidentally distributed to Windows Insider Program subscribers in July last year. Microsoft was quick to retire that version by never providing information on the new Start menu. But it is clear that the company is working on it and it has already been over six months since that test. It could therefore be a short while now to see the Start menu “live” without “Live Tiles“.

    Windows 10, a new Start menu is coming: how it will be

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