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    Always open sites in HTTPS, with secure connection and encrypted data

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    As already explained in a previous article, Navigare in HTTPS it means everything that is written on a site it cannot be intercepted and read by outsiders nor from the site itself.
    So if you write a password on a site that begins with https, thanks to this internet traffic protection, you can rest assured that the password cannot be sniffed by any hacker and cannot even be read by the operator of that site.
    The information that passes through a site in https is encrypted or encrypted, therefore rendered illegible and covered by an authentic protection certificate.
    For example, all searches made on Google are encrypted and not even the provider, the network administrator or the manager of the site where you end up after the search can see and know what the user has searched for on the internet.
    In this case, the only one able to know what searches are made by users is Google itself, thanks to cookies (which are another thing), and uses the data collected (anonymously) for its advertising businesses.

    UPDATE: From 2022, in Firefox, there is no need for any extension. You can activate browsing only in HTTPS mode in the Options, by going to the Privacy and Security section and scrolling down to the last item: HTTPS only mode. You can choose whether to always surf in HTTPS, whether to use HTTPS mode only when an anonymous window is opened or never.
    To be sure you are browsing a site in HTTPS, so with all the data transmitted to that site protected and encrypted, there is a special and very popular extension for Chrome, Firefox and Opera, called HTTPS Everywhere.
    This extension, which we recommend everyone to install, forces the browser to automatically connect in https to a website, if possible. Therefore, if a site has both an http and https connection, Chrome or Firefox will certainly load the https site if the extension is active. In this way, for example, if you open a link from the post office or another bank or a link on Facebook that is a deception or a phishing attempt, the connection is redirected to the https site.
    Con questa estensione si pu貌 addirittura impedire al browser di aprire siti non https, se proprio si vuol star tranquilli quando si devono fare operazioni bancarie e si vuol star tranquilli che nessuna passowrd o informazione possa essere intercettata o trasmessa a qualcuno in chiaro. Con questa modalit脿 per貌 siti come saranno irraggiungibili, perch猫 non disponibili in modalit脿 https (in quanto questo sito 猫 di pura lettura e non richiede agli utenti di registrarsi o inserire dati personali).

    Another very popular Chrome extension KB SSL Enforcer and enforce encryption on websites that support it.
    This gives greater security and privacy when browsing the internet and is particularly important in public wifi networks, for example in shops and hotels (SEE ALSO: How to surf safely on public, free or unsecured wifi networks)
    With the extension installed, when you open a site, press the KB button and then click on Enforce.
    Reload the web page you were viewing to get the encrypted version in https.

    The security of https is a different matter than the privacy issue of Google and, as seen, browser plugins are needed to prevent data collection and tracking.

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