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    How to close all the tabs in Chrome on Android (if there are many open)

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    Those who never notice it could find themselves with a small problem on their Android smartphone that is that all the sites recently opened on Chrome are always there and visible.
    This even if you close Chrome, because there is no exit button and why Chrome keeps open tabs in memory without limits, even if they were 300.
    This is not only a privacy issue, because anyone who picks up the phone and opens Chrome can see the last open tabs, but it is also a useless waste of resources, especially if there are 50 or even 100 tabs left open.
    To check if we have this problem on our smartphone, just open Chrome and note the number at the top right, the one that tells us how many tabs are open.
    I was able to notice, especially on the smartphones of less experienced people, that this number in some cases even went beyond 100, showing no longer a number but a smiley face which means you have passed the 99 open tabs in Chrome.
    By tapping that number button, it's possible scroll through the various tabs and, if desired, close them by tapping the key with the X or by swiping them to the right or left.
    The problem, if there are many open tabs, is to close them all, because swiping them one after the other is not comfortable at all.

    Luckily there is one solution to close all Chrome tabs on Android at once, even if the button is rather difficult to find.
    So, if there are a lot of open tabs in Chrome that are taking up memory, instead of closing them all one by one, do this:
    Touch the key at the top right with the number of open tabs (which may have a smiley icon if there are more than 99 tabs), and enter preview mode of those tabs, where you can browse up and down and swipe sideways to delete them.
    On this screen, touch the button with the three dots at the top right to finally find the option Close all tabs.

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