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    Windows 10, discovered the new Millennium Bug that crashes the PC

    Windows 10, discovered the new Millennium Bug that crashes the PC

    In 1999 the so-called "Millennium Bug"scared millions of people, because it was feared that by the year 2000, most computers would have trouble handling the new date. Now. another similar bug appears, which affects Windows 10, but that does not scare anyone.

    Youtuber Carey Holzman and renamed it "Y3K", because this time the fateful year is not 2000, but 3001. Yes, because some motherboards allow you to change the Bios date by setting it much later than the current year. But if the set date is after January 19, 3001 after Christ, explains Holzman, then the installation of Windows 10 in version 1909 (the second half-yearly update of 2019) will inexorably block. We doubt that there is anyone in the world who needs to set the date of their PC to 3001, but the bug is however curious.

    Bug Y3K: how it works

    Holzman explained how this strange Windows 10 bug works. If the Bios date is after January 19, 3001 it is possible to launch the installation of Windows 10 version 1909, but per second of the numerous restarts of the computer necessary to complete the procedure everything will crash and Windows won't want to know about installing itself correctly. Furthermore, even entering the Bios and changing the date, the procedure will not be completed but, on the contrary, Windows will crash as soon as it checks the date. Holzman has tested this error with both an Intel CPU motherboard and an AMD motherboard, both of which are manufactured by Gigabyte.

    Bug Y3K: how to fix it

    In addition to discovering the Y3K bug, Holzman also found a way to solve it. Of course you start by restoring the Bios date to a year prior to 3001, then you have to restart the PC from the storage medium (USB key or DVD, it doesn't change) from which you were trying to install Windows 10. You also need to delete all partitions of the PC disk which will have to host Windows and, once everything is reset to zero, we will finally be able to complete the installation of the operating system.

    Don't touch the Bios date

    Today the people who enter the bios of a PC are very few. Even fewer are those that change the date, since it is really difficult for anyone to need it. However, it is useful to point out that the Y3K bug is just one of the many problems we could run into due to an incorrect date in the Bios. It is much easier to have problems with subscription software or online services, or with websites that don't load because they believe their security certificates have expired.

    Windows 10, discovered the new Millennium Bug that crashes the PC

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