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    How to activate Lycamobile Internet

    Preliminary information

    To begin, I invite you to enter the SIMs. in the smartphone (or tablet) correctly, if you have not already done so. Both for devices Android than for those produced by Apple the procedure is very simple.

    In most cases, you need to enter the metal paper clip supplied with the smartphone in the dedicated smartphone forum placed on one of the sides of the device, and exert a fairly firm pressure. The slot for the SIM it is automatically ejected.

    Pay attention to the correct direction and the positioning with which the Lycamobile SIM, then reinsert the slot into the smartphone compartment. If you have any doubts or problems, you can take a look at my guides on how to insert the SIM in Samsung, Huawei and iPhone / iPad devices.

    Once this is done, you can prepare for the configuration APN (Access Point Name). This configuration is absolutely necessary to be able to navigate with your device on Internet, using the Data connection of the SIM. In fact, the APN configuration is used to indicate to the device the access point name to the manager's network and its "coordinates".

    Without the correct configuration of the APN, in fact, the smartphone does not know "which network to contact" for the Internet connection, for the use of theHotspot and for sending MMS, therefore the SIM turns out to be almost unusable.

    In the latest generation smartphones and tablets, APN configurations are set by default, suitable for automatically recognizing the SIMs of the most popular telephone operators. For virtual or newer operators, such as Lycamobile, it may be necessary to change the APN instead Manually, by adjusting the device settings or using a telephone number self-configuring. In the next chapters I will show you how to configure Lycamobile Internet either way.

    How to activate Lycamobile Internet

    The procedure for changing theAPN can be implemented through the Settings of your device. For this, the configuration It can change depending on the operating system of your smartphone, that is Android or iOS. Find everything explained below.

    How to activate Lycamobile Internet on Android

    activate Lycamobile Internet on Android you need to configure the APN in such a way automatic o manual. Often, this process is successful simply by entering the SIMs. in your smartphone, but if you fail, I invite you to follow these simple steps.

    The procedure may vary slightly depending on the brand of the device in use, however with my indications you should not have particular problems in succeeding in the enterprise. Go, therefore, to the Settings of your smartphone or tablet Android, through theicona dell'ingranaggio that you find on the Home Screen or in the app menu.

    So, tap on the item Rete and Internet o Connections and then on that relating to Mobile network. Then press on the menu Advanced, then select the item Access point names (o APN on devices Huawei), below, to start with the APN configuration.

    In the screen that opens, tap the button capacitor positive (+) lead positioned at the top, to have access to the module to be filled in with the correct addresses. Enter the data as I report them below, taking care to accurately copy the lowercase letters, spaces and periods.

    • Name / Profile name — lycamobile
    • APN —
    • Username — lmes
    • Password — password

    Once this is done, if present, click on the item Type APN, so on that Internet, until a green dot appears next to it. In case of problems, first perform a restart of the smartphone, then try to activate the data connection.

    To do this, call up thesystem notification area by dragging with your finger from the top to the center of the screen (for some devices it could be by dragging from the bottom to the top) and tap on the icon of Mobile data (the one with the two arrows in opposite directions), until it lights up. Read more here.

    In case you are not logged in, I invite you to call the phone number 40322 and ask the on-line assistant forSMS autoconfigurante. Receiving this message, in fact, the APN configuration should take place automatically, without having to return to the Settings of the smartphone.

    If it doesn't work again, go to the help section of the Lycamobile site, where you can enter drop down menu il produttore and model of your smartphone and receive the coordinates APN correct to insert in the menu Access point names (o APN).

    How to activate Lycamobile Internet on iPhone

    In case you want to know how to successfully activate the Internet connection with yours Lycamobile SIM su iPhone (o iPad), know that the procedure is really simple. First, you need to configure the Lycamobile APN manually or automatically.

    To do this manually, tap on the icon of Settings, in the shape of a gear, found on the Home Screen or in the App Library.

    Then press on the item Mobile phone of the screen that is proposed to you, tap on the option Cellular data network and enter the following codes in their respective boxes, placed under the heading Cellular data, exactly as they are reported, taking care to accurately copy any dots, lowercase letters and spaces.

    • APN —
    • Username - lmit
    • Password — plus
    • MMSC/Proxy MMS/MCC/MNC - leave the default values
    • Maximum MMS size - 1048576.

    After entering all the data, restart the iPhone, then activate the mobile data by calling the Control Center, by sliding your finger from the top right corner of the screen downwards (for models with a physical Home button, you have to slide your finger from the bottom upwards, starting from the center).

    On the pop-up screen, tap the i icon cellular data, marked with a small Antenna, up to "turn it on". The connection should happen automatically, depending on the plan purchased and provided by the manager. Read more here.

    In case you have any problems, I recommend that you request theSMS autoconfigurante, by contacting the phone number 40322 a Lycamobile operator. In fact, upon receipt of the message, the device should automatically update itself with the values APN updated and therefore should be able to connect to the Internet successfully.

    How to activate Lycamobile Internet

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