How to activate iPhone 5 without SIM

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Cut SIM for iPhone 5

If you have not found a Nano-SIM to activate the iPhone and therefore you have decided to try the "do it yourself" route, here is everything you need to cut out your old SIM and turn it into a card compatible with your mobile phone. Apple house.

  • A printer (inkjet or laser) to print the SIM cutout template.
  • One A4 sheet on which to print the model.
  • Double-sided tape to be used to fix the SIM to be cut out on the template.
  • A ruler and a permanent marker to draw guidelines for SIM clipping.
  • A pair of scissors well sharpened to cut the SIM.
  • A file or sandpaper to file the edges of the SIM after cutting it out.

You have everything? Well, then as a promo step linked to this web page and click on the button first Download original PDF file e poi sull'icona del floppy disk to save the SIM cutout template to your PC. If you don't see any floppy disk icon, right click anywhere on the sheet and select the item Save with name give the menu check if you press.

When the download is complete, open the PDF with the template to cut out the SIM and print it on an A4 sheet making sure that the zoom level print is set to 100%, otherwise you will get a model with “out of order” proportions (therefore completely useless).

When finished printing, attach the SIM to be cut to the template using a bit of double-sided tape. Depending on the type of card to be cut out, you need to attach the SIM to a different location on the model: MiniSIM (2FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) if you want to transform a standard SIM into a Nano-SIM or MicroSIM (3FF) to NanoSIM (4FF) if you want to transform a Micro-SIM into a Nano-SIM.

Now take the ruler and the marker to trace the guidelines for the SIM cutout and cut the card using the scissors. Please do not damage the circuitry of the card or you will make your SIM completely useless!

After this step too, take a file or a bit of sandpaper and lightly file the edges of the SIM in order to "soften" them and make them more precise.

Activate iPhone 5

Mission accomplished! You now have your card ready to insert into the iPhone. Therefore use the metal clip present in the phone package (in the white card) to extract the slot from the body of the "iPhone by", insert the SIM you just cut into the phone and reinsert the slot in its housing. If you need a hand in this situation, try to follow the instructions contained in my tutorial on how to insert SIM iPhone 5.

Now you just have to cross your fingers and hope to be able to activate iPhone 5 without SIM, or rather, activate it with the card you cut out with your own hands. If everything goes the right way, you will see the name of your telephone operator appear in the upper left corner of the "iPhone by" screen and you will be able to complete the initial configuration procedure of the terminal.

During this procedure you must select the language where you want to set iOS, you must indicate your country of residence and you must select one wireless network to connect to. After this step the SIM recognition is carried out.

If the card is recognized correctly, you can proceed with the iPhone activation process by accepting the terms of use of iOS, choosing whether to activate i location services and choosing whether to configure the device as a new iPhone or restore a previous backup from iCloud.

At the end of the procedure, you can normally use your new iPhone 5 to make phone calls and surf the Internet (via Wi-Fi or 3G / LTE network) while continuing to use the card you cut out. Happy?

how to activate iphone 5 without SIM

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