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IPhone activation procedure

La iPhone activation procedure it consists of three steps: the first consists in inserting the SIM inside the device, the second in turning on the device and the third in completing the initial configuration of iOS following the steps illustrated on the screen.

First, therefore, remove the iPhone from its sales package (if you have not already done so) and insert the SIM in it: to do this, take the metal paper clip placed on the white card found in the iPhone box e enter it in the hole on the right side of the phone. Now, take the Nano-SIM (wave Micro SIM, if you have an iPhone 4 / 4s) in your possession, insert it into yours housing and, finally, reintroduce the drawer in the SIM compartment. More info here.

After inserting the SIM into the iPhone, turn on the device holding down the Power button which is located on the right side (on iPhone 6 and later models) or on the upper side (on older models), until the bitten apple logo appears on the screen. More info here.

Now, you can finally move on to the actual iPhone activation procedure, which consists of completing the initial iOS setup. To proceed, you must select the language and paese you prefer to set. If the iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or later, you can opt for the quick setup, which allows you to import all data from another Apple device or perform the manual configuration.

Next, select the WIFI network you want to connect to and configure the unlock via Face ID (face recognition) or touch ID (fingerprint recognition) by following the instructions given to you on the screen. To configure the Face ID, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen by rotating the head in the direction indicated (you will have to do it twice in a row); as regards the registration of the fingerprint, however, you have to place the finger you want to register several times on the Home button following the instructions that appear on the screen.

At this point, enter the unlock code that you intend to set to protect the device, choose whether to configure the device as newis restore data from iCloud or iTunes backups or whether to import any data from one Android smartphone.

Next, log into your Apple ID (if you don't have one, create it by filling out the form you see on the screen), configure Crab, Apple Pay, Usage time e ICloud Keychain and decide whether to consent to the sharing of usage statistics of your device with Apple and with third-party developers or not. Once this is done, your iPhone will be activated and you can start using it to make phone calls, surf the Internet and so on.

Know that it is possible configure the iPhone also via iTunes, Apple's multimedia software available for Windows and macOS that allows you to manage iOS devices from a computer and synchronize data with them. I have already explained to you how to connect iPhone to PC, how to create backups with iTunes and how to synchronize iPhone with iTunes in the guides that I have linked to you and that I invite you to read.

If you want to get some more information on the iPhone activation procedure, please visit this page.

How to activate iPhone without home button

You have come to this guide to find out how to wake up iPhone screen without home button? To do this, you can enable some ad hoc functions, such as "Hey Siri" e Raise to activate: the first, available on iPhone 6s and later, allows you to activate the screen with a simple voice command; the second, also available on iPhone 6s and later, allows you to activate the screen by simply lifting the device. Let's see how to activate them.

  • "Hey Siri" function - go to the menu Settings> Siri and Search and move up ON the lever of the switch located in correspondence with the wording Enable "Hey Siri" (in the section Ask Siri). Saying out loud the phrase "Hey Siri!" while you are near your iPhone (even when the device screen is off), the screen will activate and you can talk to Siri.
  • Raise function to activate - go to the menu Settings> Display and brightnesssposta su ON the switch lever located in correspondence with the item Raise to activate And that's it. By lifting the iPhone, the screen will automatically be activated, as motion will be detected by the accelerometer and motion coprocessor.

How to activate iPhone without SIM

Were you unable to complete the iPhone activation procedure because you do not have a SIM compatible with the model of Apple smartphone in your possession? In that case, for activate iPhone without a compatible SIM, you must arrange to request a replacement from your manager (an operation that generally costs around 10 euros) or try to adapt the card in your possession to your iPhone.

ask for the replacement of the SIM with a Micro-SIM or a Nano-SIM (depending on the model of iPhone in your possession), go to one of the centers of the provider that issued it and request its replacement. To find the TIM, Vodafone, Wind, Tre or Iliad center closest to you, use the links I just provided. Once in the store, ask the consultant who will assist you to provide you with a replacement SIM that is compatible with the model of iPhone in your possession. As I told you, the operation may not be free.

If, on the other hand, you want to try adapt the SIM using the do-it-yourself, you will have to download a template containing the guidelines to succeed in the operation (by clicking here you can view one) and cut out the SIM using a couple of scissors. To do this, just download and print the template I just linked to, taking care to set the zoom level to 100%.

Then fix with some double-sided adhesive tape the SIM to be cut out on the point of the model corresponding to the SIM format of your interest, take one line, an felt tip pen and trace the lines previously drawn on the board on the board, taking care not to damage the chip and, if necessary, file the edges of the board a little with a lime or a little bit of abrasive paste. More info here.

Keep in mind, however, that this operation could damage the SIM contacts, making it unusable. In the latter case, you will be forced to buy a new SIM, facing costs probably higher than those you would have incurred by asking your operator for a replacement.

What to do in case of problems

Have you carefully followed all my instructions on the iPhone activation procedure but, for some reason, you have not succeeded? Well, to solve the problems found, visit this page on the official Apple website, containing some possible solutions to common problems encountered by users when activating their devices. By trying to follow the directions on the page in question, you may be able to get over the situation.

If the problems persist, I advise you to contact Apple customer service to try to understand what the genesis of the problem is. You can do this in multiple ways: by making a call to the toll-free number +800 915 904 XNUMX (available from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 19:45), by requesting online assistance, via Twitter (in English only) and, of course, by going to theApple Store closer.

For more information on how to contact Apple and how Apple support works, please consult the guides I linked to you: I'm sure they will be of help.

How to activate iPhone

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