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Before explaining how to deactivate Vodafone digital services, it seems only right to explain to you, in detail, what we are talking about, in case you do not have very clear ideas about it yet. Digital services are nothing but gods payment services, possibly offered at no cost for a certain period of time or for an initial trial period, to use content (eg. Netflix or Tidal) or to customize smartphone, tablet or PC (ringtones, horoscope, etc.).

They can be offered both by third parties and by Vodafone but in both cases, if payment is required, the necessary sum is deducted from the credit on the SIM or from the bank / postal account or credit card, depending on the method of payment. payment associated with the reference number.

It should be noted that very often, in addition to allowing you to take advantage of promotional periods of a given service at no cost, it is possible to obtain a discount on the payment of the following months or in any case both of the standard price, thus constituting a source of advantage for the customer who chooses. those options.

Deactivate Vodafone digital services

Now that you have clearer ideas about the nature of digital services, I would say that we can finally take the real action and find out how to deactivate them on Vodafone SIMs.

Then grab your mobile phone and follow the instructions on what to do that you find right below. As anticipated at the beginning, you can perform the operation in question through the app My Vodafone, dall鈥檃rea Do-it-yourself of the operator's website or by contacting the customer care.

Through app

Do you want to find out how to disable Vodafone digital services from the My Vodafone app (i.e. the official one of the operator) available for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile? Then first download the application on your device (in case you have not already done so) through the links I have just provided you and log in to your Vodafone account by filling in the appropriate fields on the screen and pressing the button Log in.

If you don't already have a Vodafone account, you can create one "on the fly" by tapping the button Subscribe, by typing your phone number in the appropriate field, by tapping on Confirm number and following the instructions given to you to complete the whole procedure.

Once logged in, tap the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) located at the top right and select Your active offers from the menu that opens. Now, scroll to the bottom of the new screen displayed, tap on Digital services, pig sul sul bottone Manage present in correspondence with the service you want to deactivate and press on Confirmation to, in fact, confirm what your will is.

If after pressing on Digital services you can't see the referral service, most likely it is because it was included in the tab Music, Cinema and V by Vodafone of the section Your active offers of the app. Therefore, identify the latter, then the digital service to be deactivated and press the button Manage that you find in his correspondence. Finally, tap on Confirmation to proceed with the deactivation.

Subsequently, Vodafone will process your request and within a short time you will receive SMS that will inform you that your request is being processed and / or that the reference service has actually been disabled. Please note that it may take a few hours for complete deactivation.

Through the website

Do you prefer to deactivate Vodafone digital services by going to the Do-It-Yourself area of 鈥嬧媡he operator's website? There is no problem, the thing, as mentioned, is also feasible from there. To do this, connected to the home page of the Vodafone site, place the pointer on the button Do-it-yourself which is at the top and press the button Log in attached to the menu that appears. Then fill in the fields on the screen with your login data and press Log in to log on.

If you are not yet registered on the site, after clicking on the button Do-it-yourself present on the home page of the Vodafone site, press the button Subscribe attached to the menu that appears, type your phone number in the empty field on the screen, press on Confirm number and follow the instructions given to you to complete the procedure.

Once you have logged into your personal area on, select the item Vodafone services which is at the top, click on the wording Digital services from the menu that opens, click on the button Verifica that you find in correspondence with the name of the active service in relation to which you are interested in intervening and, in the new page displayed, click on the button disable per due turn consecutive.

Even in the case of the procedure via the website, Vodafone will process your request and within a short time you should receive SMS that will inform you that your request is being processed and / or that the reference service has been actually deactivated (it may take a few hours for the actual deactivation).

Through customer service

You can also deactivate Vodafone digital services by contacting the operator's customer service. To do this, grab your mobile, log in to dialer (The numeric keypad), dial the number 190 and press the button for initiate a call (usually it is the one with the green handset).

When the call has started, listen to the recorded voice and then press the button 1, that is the one for receive assistance for mobile telephony. At this point, always listen to the instructions of the guide voice and when playback of the recording is stopped, press the button 4, i.e. what should correspond to theassistance from an operator.

Please note: The sequence of numbers to be entered is subject to continuous variations. To avoid mistakes and useless waste of time, I therefore advise you, my instructions aside, to always listen very carefully to what the recorded voice says and to press the corresponding keys.

Therefore, wait for an operator "in flesh and blood" to answer you and then tell him what your needs are, explaining which digital service you wish to deactivate. Wait for the operator to intercede for you and perform the requested opraton. It should take a few minutes.

Subsequently, you may receive SMS that will inform you that your request has been taken over by Vodafone and / or that the indicated digital service has been correctly deactivated. Even in this case, it may take a few hours for the actual deactivation to be successful.

In addition to what I have just indicated, you can contact Vodafone customer service to request the deactivation of this or that other digital service via social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and through chat. Let's see immediately how to proceed in all three cases.

  • To contact Vodafone via Facebook, connected to the relevant official fanpage after accessing your account, press the button for send a message that you find at the top and express your willingness to talk to an operator, in order to circumvent the functioning of the bot. Then type the telephone number for which you need assistance and enter your request. In a short time, you will get the support you need.
  • To contact Vodafone via Twitter, send a message to the official account of the operator in which you express what your needs are. You will soon be sent to continue the conversation via DM, you will be asked to provide yours telephone number and an operator will try to help you meet your need.
  • To contact Vodafone via chat, apri l'app My Vodafone on your smartphone, press the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) at the top right, select Assistance and support from the menu that appears e Ask ToBi. Tell the bot your will to deactivate active digital services and follow the on-screen instructions. If the bot can't help you, ask it if it can speak to an operator (if necessary, insist!) and you will be sent back to a chat session with a "real" operator to whom you can communicate what your needs are.

If you think you need more details about the practices described above, you can refer to my tutorial on how to talk to a Vodafone operator through which I have proceeded to talk to you about the matter in great detail.

Request a refund

Have you activated one or more Vodafone digital services by mistake and have your credit been deducted? You can deal with this by requesting a refund. To do this, you need the app My Vodafone. So, start the latter on your smartphone, stop on the button Menu (I cheer with him three lines horizontally) that you find in the upper right part of the screen and select the item from the menu that appears Money Back Guarantee is that Digital services.

Now, tap the button Check for active Digital Services, check the charges attached to the new screen displayed and select the item related to digital services. If you are unable to view the info you need, it is evidently because the reference period is not the correct one. To change it, press the button Modification at the top and use the filters and options available.

Then select, from the list that is shown to you, the digital service for which you want to get a refund and tap the button for chat with an expert in such a way as to be able to request the deactivation, reimbursement and blocking of the service.

Please note that a maximum of one refund request can be submitted per day. For more information in this regard and on the functioning of the reimbursement service in general, refer to the specific information page attached to the Vodafone website.

How to deactivate Vodafone digital services

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