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    Amazon Echo can now erase all voice recordings

    Amazon has just launched a new feature on all of its Echo home assistants. It is now possible to verbally delete voice recordings.

    Amazon Echo Show 5

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    Thing promised, thing done! When the Echo Show 5 Assistant was released, Amazon announced plans to offer a new feature that allows users to delete voice recordings embedded by Alexa. 

    It is therefore now possible to vocally order your Amazon assistant to delete previous requests by asking: “Alexa, delete what I said today”. It will also be possible to delete the actions taken instantly by asking: “Alexa, delete what I just said.”

    This function is already possible, but for the time being it could only be set in motion manually via the Alexa application. If this novelty is already offered on the Echo Show 5, the update on the other assistants integrating Alexa should be operational in a few days. To improve data security, Amazon has also provided its latest assistant with a camera cover allowing the camera to be deactivated without blocking interactions with Alexa. 

    In addition, the Bezos firm has recently launched Alexa Privacy Hub on its site, a page that offers explanations and advice on all possible means of control over its Echo assistant. 

    As you will have understood, Amazon is really trying to put out the fire that broke out last April: a Bloomberg report had indeed revealed that the multinational employed thousands of people to listen to user recordings in order to transcribe them, all that in the purpose of taking stock of any shortcomings of Alexa. Information that was not really passed on to users of Echo assistants. According to a recent study by Microsoft, 41% of voice speaker owners are not confident about their privacy.

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