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    Audio equalizer for Chrome and Firefox to improve online listening

      Audio equalizer for Chrome and Firefox to improve online listening Anyone who listens to streaming music over the internet from their PC can improve the sound quality by using an extension that works as an equalizer. The equalizer is especially useful when watching streaming videos that feel bad or have a low or noisy volume, so you can adjust the bass and higher pitched sounds.
      While you can use the Windows equalizer to improve your PC audio and sound and music quality, you can get a better control over the audio quality of sounds, videos and music that you listen to via the internet, using an extension for Chrome and Firefox.

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      There are 4 extensions as an Equalizer for Chrome:

      1) The extension Audio Channel it can be installed on Chrome in the full version (with optional payment per hour) or in a free lightweight version that takes up less memory.
      The full version includes both the equalizer and some special audio effects such as Pitch, Reverb and Chorus. There is also a tab called Limiter which allows you to increase the volume beyond the limit. Like all self-respecting equalizers, there is also the possibility to activate a preset already set for different genres of music and sounds and to save new custom presets. The various controls can be turned on or off by clicking on the extension button and then using the On and Off button.

      2) Bass Booster is a bass enhancer, ideal to use when streaming music with headphones from your PC, using CHrome.

      3) Ears Bass Boost equalize any audio found on the Internet and also on YouTube or other music sites.

      As an equalizer for Firefox we have:

      1) Sound Equalizer is a free extension that works well on HTML5 sites to edit audio effects and have volume control.

      2) Musical Equalizer is an equalizer to improve the quality of music or audio in the browser that works on flash sites.

      3) Graphic equalizer allows you to correct the sound and music by increasing the bass and treble or reducing them, with an easy-to-use equalizer.

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