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    Hand Spinner: a Spanish magazine is created around the phenomenon!

    The magazine on the Hand Spinner exists! The news has something to smile about but it is true, the first magazine of this kind will be sold in July for 4,99 euros. You will find topics related to the object, its origins, how it works... But also more general topics to appeal to young people from 6 to 16 years old.

    Unless you live in a cave, you must have heard of the phénomène "Hand spinner” or “Fidget Spinner”. These toys with relaxing virtues are everywhere. There are tons of them in physical version, virtual versions… Google is having fun and even offers one in its browser. So it's not really a surprise to see a magazine dedicated to the subject, and Spanish Furthermore.

    Hand Spinner: a Spanish magazine dedicated to the cult toy arrives

    The Hand Spinner is everywhere, and is even breaking search records on Pornhub! Basically, however, it was only a toy used to calm and capture the attention of children and adults who are hyperactive or have attention disorders. But after a few Youtube videos, the toy went viral. And to ride this wave, the Tournon group didn't wait any longer and therefore sold its “Hand Spinner Mag”.

    Basically, this group publishes many magazines: general on manga and TV series, on areas of interest such as LEGO, Playmobil, and Pokémon, alongside more daring subjects such as… “A swinger's life” . The first edition of the magazine promises to reveal everything about the origin of the Spinners, the different types, how they work… the first issue will exceptionally be sold for 4,99 euros, instead of 10 euros.

    Only, given the subject, it is not easy to understand how such a specialized magazine could live for several months in a row. Fortunately, Tournon has the parade and will take the opportunity to talk about other subjects: cartoons, video games, toys in general... To be seen, therefore, if such a magazine will be successful, at a time when the Hand Spinner begins precisely to go out of fashion.

    Evolution of the search term “Hand Spinner” on Google in the last month in Spain

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