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How to activate Call Waiting Three standard

For your information, thestandard call waiting is that service, offered by both Three than from other mobile phone operators, which allows you to receive phone calls even when you are engaged in another conversation. I'll explain better what it is.

If, for example, your line is already engaged in a telephone conversation, you will receive an audible alert indicating the arrival of a second call, together with a "special" video notification, by which you can choose to ignore the new incoming call. , continuing the previous one; to accept the new call, putting the previous one on hold; or to accept the new call and terminate the previous one at the same time. Those who call you will find, however, the free line, even when you are engaged in another phone call.

At present, the service is completely free, does not include additional costs and can be activated in at least two different ways: by using operator codes, or through the appropriate menus on Android and iOS. Below I'll explain everything in detail.

By code

The easiest way to activate call waiting Three consists in using the appropriate codes provided by the operator.

So, in order to activate call waiting on a line Three, first open the dialer phone (i.e. the dialing screen) and, after calling up the keypad, dial the code * 43 # and start the call by tapping the button in the shape of handset.

After a few moments, you should receive a confirmation message that call waiting has been activated: starting from this moment, if someone tries to call you while you are engaged in another conversation, you will receive a sound alert. In addition, you will have the possibility to accept the call (putting the previous one on hold) using the screen that appears on the mobile.

As already mentioned above, when call waiting is active, users who try to communicate with you will not know that you are on another phone call and will hear the classic "free" signal.

If necessary, you can deactivate call waiting again by entering the code # 43 #, or view the status of the service, this time typing the code * # # 43. More info here.

Via system menu

Worried about not being able to remember the codes needed to activate or deactivate call waiting? Then I have good news for you: you may not know, but be it Android and iOS have a special option to activate or deactivate call waiting, without "passing" through the above codes.

So if you are using a device Android, april il dialer phone (i.e. the screen you would use to manually dial a number) and tap the ☰ button, or the entry Other, located inside. On some versions of Android, you may need to press the button instead (⋮) I will select the voice Settings give the menu to compare.

At this point, locate the item relating to theCall waiting or alle Calls waiting, tap it and, to activate call waiting, move to ON the lever you find on the next screen. If the call waiting option is not immediately visible, tap on the item Other settings located in the dialer settings area.

A iPhoneinstead, you have to go to the Settings of iOS, by tapping the d-shaped icongear placed on the home screen of the "iPhone by", and tap on the item Telephone. Then, tap on the item Call waiting and to activate it, move up ON the lever attached to the next panel. It was very easy, wasn't it?

For more information on activating and deactivating call waiting on the lines of other operators, I invite you to consult the specific tutorial I have dedicated to the topic.

How to activate the service I searched for by Tre

If I had never heard of it, I searched for you by Three is a service that allows the reception of SMS notifications when calls are received while the telephone line is busy or unreachable.

At the time of writing this guide, the service costs 1,50 € / month, which are charged only upon receipt of the first notification SMS, in the months in which it is actually used.

The "I looked for you by Three" service can be activated, deactivated or queried in a very simple way, by opening the dialer phone and entering one of the following codes.

  • * 111 # - activate the service I was looking for you by Three.
  • * 112 # - deactivate the service I was looking for you by Three.
  • * 113 # - displays the status of the service.

Once you have entered the code, all you have to do is press the button in the shape of handset (the one you would use to initiate a call) and wait for the notification message confirming the correct execution of the requested command. For more information, you can consult the page dedicated to the service on the official website of Tre.

How to activate call waiting Three

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