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    How to activate HBO on Vodafone

    Step-by-step instructions for activating HBO Vodafone

    The initial step has already been taken: find a rate with a Vodafone TV package that incorporates HBO (Seriefans or Serielovers). Currently, the next step is to activate HBO on Vodafone. This is a quick but essential interaction to be able to start watching HBO content. You can do it from the My Vodafone customer region or from the site. Below, we will clarify each of them bit by bit.

    From the My Vodafone customer area:

    1. Log in to My Vodafone.
    2. Enter your login credentials.
    3. Go to the TV segment.
    4. At this point, click on the HBO Spain tab.
    5. Select the phone line where to apply the performance.
    6. Click on the "Act" button.
    7. Verify your personality by entering your cell phone to which a PIN code will arrive by SMS.
    8. Enter the PIN and check the start of HBO Vodafone.

    From the Vodafone site:

    1. Go to the Vodafone Entertainment page.
    2. Check your character by entering your cell phone, which will get a PIN code via SMS.
    3. Enter the PIN code you obtained and click "Continue".
    4. Choose the administration of HBO with Vodafone and click "Start".
    5. Appreciate HBO Vodafone It is from now on enacted!

    When you've finished the HBO Vodafone initiation process (either strategy is legitimate) you'll get a confirmation SMS in 48 hours.

    In the event that you have been following HBO Spain autonomously up to now, you will now need to make another HBO account from Vodafone Entertainment.

    Withdrawal from HBO Vodafone

    If under any condition you need to withdraw from HBO Spain advance with Vodafone, you can do it effectively by following a couple of simple advances:

    1. Access My Vodafone.
    2. Enter your access credentials.
    3. Go to the TV segment.
    4. Under the "Your products and services" tab, select "Make debt" on the contracted package.
    5. On the next screen you will want to unsubscribe from HBO Vodafone.

    Actually you will want to continue watching HBO until the last day of the billing period. In addition, assuming that the free time of the contracted pack that includes HBO runs out, you will be sent an SMS 10 days in advance with the details of the amount that you will start paying.

    Where to watch HBO Vodafone: viable devices

    Vodafone TV permits you to watch HBO on a maximum of 2 gadgets all the time. HBO Vodafone is viable with various gadgets to suit your needs:

    • Vodafone TV: you can watch HBO Spain by accessing from the menu of your Vodafone TV decoder.
    • PC: Access all content from your PC or Mac from the HBO Spain website.
    • Tablet: You can watch HBO Spain from its real app accessible for iOS and Android.

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