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    How to activate Netflix with Tre

    Three deals with Netflix included

    Before you can activate Netflix with Tre it is necessary to know what are the offers with the famous streaming service included that the telephone company reserves for new customers. At the time of writing this guide, the Three deals with Netflix included they are 3Fiber and 3Fiber Plus.

    Both plans allow for a connection of up to 1.000 Mega with FTTH fiber (available in Milan, Bologna, Turin, Perugia, Bari, Naples, Catania, Venice, Cagliari, Padua, Palermo, Genoa, Bresso, Sesto San Giovanni, Settimo Torinese, Opera, Rozzano and Buccinasco), up to 200 Mega with FTTC fiber or up to 20 Mega with ADSL. There are no activation costs and the modem is supplied for sale combined at 2 euros / month for 48 months with a possible final installment of 79 euros.

    Moreover, with 3Fiber Plus it is possible to call both landline numbers in cities, Western Europe, Canada and the USA and all national mobile numbers without limits. With 3Fiber, on the other hand, calls to landlines and mobile phones have a cost of 0 cents / minute with a connection fee of 18 cents.

    As mentioned above, by activating one of the three fiber plans, Netflix is included for three months (starting from the activation date of the promotion) with the Standard Plan which allows you to watch Netflix content on two devices at the same time in both standard definition and high definition.

    Activate 3Fiber or 3Fiber Plus

    It's possible activate 3Fiber or 3Fiber Plus via Tre's website or by phone, by booking a call from the cittàn telephone company's customer service.

    To activate one of the offers mentioned above independently, connected to the Tre website, click on the item Proposal present in the main menu and select the option 3Fiber o 3Fiber Plus from the menu that appears. In the new page opened, choose whether to activate a new telephone line by selecting the item I want a new phone line or whether to bring your current number to Three by clicking on the option I have a phone number.

    In both cases, enter the required data in the fields Province, Common e Address (and possibly the telephone number if you have chosen to switch to Three keeping your line) and presses the button Check availability to check the coverage of the chosen offer.

    If your area is covered by the Three network, in the newly opened page you will be able to view the order summary and the available options such as Invest, the paid service (2 euros / month) that allows you to view the number of the person calling you on the phone display. If your intention is to activate 3Fiber Plus, remember to put the check mark next to the option you unlimited (which is disabled even if you previously chose 3Fiber Plus).

    Pigia, poi, sul pulsating Your data and, in the new open page, enter your personal data in the fields Your name, Last name, Gender, Birthday, County of birth, birthplace, Tax Code, Mobile phone, Email, Type of document (Identity card, Patent o Passport), Document number, Release date e Country. Finally, indicate whether to receive the modem at the address indicated above or at an alternative address: in the latter case, put the check mark next to the item Alternative address and indicates the address at which to receive the modem.

    Having entered all the required data, click on the button Method of payment to access the section Methods of payment and contract. Then put the check mark next to the payment method you prefer between Debit on current account e Credit card and enter the data in the appropriate fields, then click on the item Download the PDF to download the contractual conditions in PDF format and affix the necessary check marks to proceed with the activation.

    Finally, put a check mark next to the entry Yes to start the service activation process immediately or next to the item No to start the activation of the service after the period of 14 days, during which to exercise the right of withdrawal. Press the button Buy Now to complete the activation procedure and wait for the service to be activated on your line (average service activation times are approximately 20 days).

    Alternatively, you can activate the 3Fiber or 3Fiber Plus offer by having a Tre operator contact you by phone. To do this, click on the entry Proposal present in the top menu, select the option 3Fiber from the menu that appears and, in the new open page, click on the item Need help? We call you! present at the top right.

    Now, enter the telephone number on which to be contacted in the appropriate field and indicates when to be contacted by choosing one of the options available through the drop-down menu Select a time slot, then put the check marks required to authorize the telephone company to process your personal data and press the button Confirmation to book the call.

    After completing the 3Fiber di Tre activation request, I recommend that you download the application 3Fiber (Android / iOS) that allows you to enter your phone number to check the activation status of your line at any time and to know the expected activation date.

    Activate Netflix with Tre

    Once 3Fiber activation is complete, you are finally ready for activate Netflix with Tre and take advantage of the three months included in the offer. First, make sure you are connected to the home network, then connected to the service activation page, locate the red button Activate promotion Click on your di esso.

    If clicking on the activation button displays a screen with the inscription Because it does not work?, make sure that the 3Fiber offer is active and, if so, that you are connected to the Tre home network. If, on the other hand, everything went smoothly, follow the instructions shown on the screen to create your Netflix account and complete the activation of the offer. If so, my guide on how to sign up for Netflix might help.

    If, on the other hand, you already have an account on the famous video streaming service, all you have to do after clicking on the button Activate promotion is to log in with your credentials and you will automatically be credited 3 months in advance of the Standard Plan, for a total value of € 32,97.

    It will be useful to know that it is also possible to apply the value of the promotion to a Netflix plan other than the standard one, varying the duration of the promotion accordingly. To change your subscription plan, log into your Netflix account, click on your icon Profile at the top right and select the option Account from the menu that appears, then click on the item Modify piano, select the plan of your interest among Base (7,99 euros / month) e Premium (15,99 euros / month) and presses the button Continue.

    How to deactivate Netflix

    At the end of the three free months included in the 3Fiber offer, you must know that the subscription is automatically renewed at a cost of 11,99 euros (as long as you have not changed the plan) with a debit on the telephone account (you will find the amount in the invoice with a separate item from the others). If you don't intend to continue with your subscription, you must Netflix disattivare before the expiry of the three months.

    To deactivate the service and not incur unwanted charges, you can call customer service Tre at the number 133 or simply log into your Netflix account, click on the icon associated with your profile at the top right and select the item Account.

    Nella nuova page aperta, pigia sul pulsating Cancel subscription present nella sezione Subscription and billing, then put the check mark next to the item Yes, email me about recently added TV shows and movies and Netflix offers if you want to continue receiving promotional emails from Netflix and click on the button Disdetta conferma.

    You should know that you will be able to continue to log into your Netflix account and catalog until the promotional period ends. To learn more, I leave you to my guide on how to unsubscribe from Netflix.

    How to activate Netflix with Tre

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