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Deactivate Wind 2 by exercising the right of withdrawal

Following the remodeling of the Wind 2 and Wind 2 Senza Scatto plans, Wind sent SMS communications to all customers involved in the change. These communications, in addition to giving a notice of at least 30 days about the change in the fee of the plans in question, allowed users to exercise the right of withdrawal within 30 days required by law in cases where there is a unilateral modification of offers by telephone operators. To exercise this right, a communication had to be sent via recommended AR (at Wind Tre SpA Post Box No. 14155, Milan Post Office 65 - 20152 Milan) within 30 days of receiving the communication from Wind, but unfortunately I have to speak in the past because this road is now closed.

In fact, we are talking about communications dating back to July 2017 and therefore the terms to take advantage of the right of withdrawal have now expired. Now it is possible disable Wind 2 only by changing the basic plan active on your SIM or switching to another operator (procedure which I told you about in detail in another post). So let's see in more detail how to act.

Deactivate Wind 2 by changing plan

As just mentioned, at the moment it is possible to deactivate Wind 2 only by changing the base plan active on your line or by switching to another operator. Excluding the second hypothesis for the moment, let's focus on the change of offer and on the procedure that must be implemented to put it into practice. There are various avenues that can be followed.

Wind site

One of the simplest ways you can take to change the active plan on your SIM Wind is to connect to the operator's website and access your personal area. Then connect to the Wind website, click on the item Log in which is located at the top right and enter your Wind account data in the bar that appears on the side.

If you don't have a Wind account yet, click on the button Subscribe located at the bottom of the right sidebar, type yours cellphone number in the text field that appears on the screen and presses the button NEXT. You will receive a verification code via SMS to be entered on the Wind website. When the operation is completed, click on the button NEXT and complete the procedure for creating your account by following the instructions on the screen.

Once you have accessed the Wind website, click on the icon Customer area located at the top right and presses the button Customer area that appears in the sidebar. Then select the item Your offer from the left menu, go to Edit your offer (still in the left sidebar) and select the tab Base plan.

Now you have to choose one of the available plans, for example Wind Basic o Wind Easy and activate it on your line by pressing the button first Attiva and then Confirmation (on the page that opens). An SMS will confirm that the plan has been changed.

MyWind app

If you prefer to act as a smartphone, you can change the basic plan active on your Wind line using the app MyWind, which is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile.

After downloading the app on your device, start it and log in with your Wind account credentials. If you don't have an active Wind account yet, press the button New registration located at the bottom left, type yours cellphone number in the appropriate text field and provide the verification code that was sent to you via SMS (the procedure to follow is similar to the one seen previously for PC).

Once you have accessed the MyWind app, press the button collocato in alto a sinistra and selects the voice Discount from the bar that appears on the side. Then expand the box Calls, Messages and the Internet, locate the section with i Basic plans and choose the plan that seems best suited to your needs, for example Wind Basic o Wind Easy.

At this point, all you have to do is press the button Continue and give confirmation in order to activate the plan selected to replace Wind 2 or Wind 2 Senza Scatto. Easier than that? An SMS will confirm that the plan has been changed.


Another route you can take to change the active plan on your line is to contact the 155 and follow the instructions of the automatic service.

At the time of writing, to speak to an operator and request a change of offer, you must select the option relating toassistance (which can correspond to the keys 2 o 4 on the telephone keypad) and then the one relating tobidding assistance (which should correspond to the key 1).

Once you have contacted an operator, ask for the change of the basic plan active on your line and the game should be done.

Wind shops

If you prefer physical contact to technological means, you can go to a Wind shop and request a change of plan there. To find the Wind store closest to your home, connect to the operator's website and type your address in the appropriate text field (top left).

Alternatively, open the MyWind app on your smartphone, press the button which is located at the top left and find the Wind store closest to you by pressing on the option Find store present in the left sidebar.

Offerte alternative a Wind 2

Do you want to know which alternative offers to Wind 2 (and Wind 2 Senza Scatto) are the most interesting of the moment? No problem. Below you will find all the basic plans of Wind that can currently be activated in exchange for Wind 2 and Wind 2 Senza Scatto.

  • Wind Easy - allows you to call all national numbers at 30 cents / min. It provides for an advance rate of 60 seconds with a connection fee of 20 cents, SMS at 30 cents, MMS at 50 cents and Internet browsing at 0,24 cents per MB with a rate of KB. It does not include monthly fees or activation costs. More info here.
  • Wind Basic - for 50 cents / week it allows you to call national numbers at 29 cents / min with no connection fee (charged per second) and to send SMS at 29 cents. The first week is free. More info here.

If you want to discover other Wind offers, including the more complete ones that include minutes, Internet traffic and SMS, take a look at the SOSTariffe website, thanks to which it is possible to know in detail and compare the offers of all the main telephone operators.

To refine your search and find the best offers for you, use the options in the left sidebar, such as those that allow the minimum number of minutes, Giga or messages that must be included in the plans to be displayed.

In case of problems or doubts

If you get to this point of the tutorial you still have doubts about how to disable Wind 2 or go in search of information on alternative offers to activate on your line, try to contact Wind through one of its official channels.

  • Facebook - by connecting to the Wind Facebook page and clicking on the button Message (top right), you can send a message to the operator asking for explanations on various topics. In the message, please indicate your Wind number and your tax code. An operator will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • Twitter - if you prefer Twitter to Facebook, you can contact Wind by sending a private message (button Message) to the @ Windcittà profile. Also in this case you must enter your telephone number and social security number in the message.
  • App Wind Talk - the application Wind Talk is an official Wind application for Android and iPhone that allows you to send messages to other users, transfer telephone credit, purchase public transport tickets and receive support from Wind operators. To take advantage of this last option, you must start the app, create your account by typing your mobile number and the verification code you receive via SMS and select the item Customer service from the section marked by the icon oflittle man.
  • 155 - if you prefer classic telephone support to more technological methods, you can call 155 and talk to an operator as I explained to you in the previous steps of this tutorial and in my post on how to talk to a Wind operator.
How to disable Wind 2

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