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    How to Enable cookies in Chrome

    Cookies are text documents saved on your PC's hard drive to recognize the client, particularly to keep your client meeting open while you browse beginning with one page and then the following one on a similar site. On the off chance that goodies are not enabled in your program, you might experience some difficulties associating with certain locales.

    Please follow the guidelines for monitoring cookies in Chrome.

    Note: These instructions only apply to Chrome versions 17 and later. If you have an older version, we recommend that you introduce the most recent adaptation.

    1. In the Chrome program window, click the button next to the toolbar. From the drop-down menu, select Settings

    2. At the bottom of the "Settings" tab, click on "Show advanced settings".

    3. In the "Protection" area segment, click the Content Settings button.

    4. In the "Cookies" area , select the Allow nearby information to be saved option (suggested) :

    5. You can close the tab. Your program is designed to recognize the goodies from the sites you visit.

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