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    How to install and activate Bizum CaixaBank

    Bizum and CaixaBank have joined forces at the portable payments table. The monetary substance permits movements to individuals by simply giving their telephone number. In spite of the fact that it is important to play certain means to trigger the utility. It is additionally critical to know whether the beneficiary has Bizum acted.

    What do you need to know?

    In any case, does CaixaBank have Bizum?

    Effectively, CaixaBank has Bizum. There are presently more than 25 Spanish monetary institutions utilizing Bizum. It is accessible among its monetary administrations for cell phones.

    Paying with your CaixaBank cell phone

    There are fundamentally two different choices for paying with your cell phone at CaixaBank. On the one hand the possibility of utilizing the NFC innovation that permits contactless payment at any POS that permits this choice.

    The other choice is to enact Bizum at CaixaBank (La Caixa), since the item is adhered to this assistance.

    Bizum CaixaBank application

    There is no Bizum application to be used freely, so where could Bizum be at CaixaBank? You can find it in both CaixaBankNow and CaixaBank Pay. You will need to activate Bizum within those portable apps.

    Activate Bizum CaixaBank

    To register Bizum in CaixaBank, we must follow the attached steps:

    1. Download the CaixaBank application.
    2. Go to the Bizum segment.
    3. If you are not registered, sign up following the indications of the application.
    4. Confirm the registration data using the address card or CaixaBankSign.
    5. You now have Bizum initiated.

    Instructions to make a Bizum from CaixaBank

    To find out how to make a Bizum in CaixaBank just follow these instructions:

    1. Compose the amount you need to send. Or conversely the amount you need to order.
    2. Select a contact from the location agenda, or type the phone number directly.
    3. If the beneficiary is enrolled in Bizum, the interaction is done immediately.
    4. If not, you will receive an SMS with the details of your exchange. You have 48 hours to enroll and receive the money immediately.

    Leave Bizum CaixaBank

    Like all versatile administrations that can be initiated in an application, it is likewise conceivable to disable it. To do this, basically pick the compare choice in the Bizum segment of the CaixaBank application, and affirm the abrogation.

    Be careful when performing the tasks. Since you can't abrogate a Bizum at CaixaBank or some other substance.

    Bizum CaixaBank Conditions

    Utilizing Bizum CaixaBank does not have particularly unique specific circumstances. It is important to be a client of the element to sign up and utilize it.

    As for limits, the maximum possible to send or receive is €0.50 and the most extreme breaking point is €500. It is feasible to get a limit of twenty exchanges in a single day or thirty exchanges in a single month.

    As of June 15, Bizum's sending limit has been extended to 60 exchanges per month (previously 150) per customer. The base and larger sums remain unchanged, as far as possible. As indicated by the creators, the explanation is to "ensure security".

    Bizum CaixaBank Key

    It is possible to produce a key for online purchases with Bizum in CaixaBank. This key is created from the application itself, in the Bizum area. It is usually done during the enlistment cycle or later. You have to go to the menu and choose the option "make new key".

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