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    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    Preliminary information

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    Prima di enter the live tutorial, walking to spiegare how to remove "unauthentic copy of Windows" from your desktop, there is some preliminary information that it is my duty to provide you.

    First, it is essential to point out that a copy of Windows defines itself original when the license was regularly purchased by the user (or, in the case of companies, by the company) or, as regards the pre-assembled PCs, by the relative manufacturer to make it available to the end user.

    That said, however check the authenticity of a copy of Windows and remedy if this is not found activated, there are various systems: I also told you about it in my guides on how to know if Windows 10 is activated, how to activate Windows 8 and how to activate Windows 7.

    If the existing Windows license is genuine and regularly activated, the appearance on the screen of the message that the copy of the operating system is not authentic can be traced back to some system error and this is easily solved by practicing the procedures described in this article.

    If the checks carried out show that the copy of Windows in use is actually non-original, you must purchase a genuine license for Windows. To do this, you can go directly to the Microsoft website, where the licenses have prices starting from 145 euros, or you can go to third-party sites, which allow you to save considerably on this sum.

    Among the sites that allow greater savings, I point out Mr Key Shop which is managed by a company with offices in the city and England and operates by buying and reselling the unused licenses of companies and companies that have switched to the cloud or subscription services at extremely low prices. It is therefore a question of 100% original licenses and resold in full compliance with the relevant European regulations.

    But there is not only the saving that leads me to recommend Mr Key Shop: by purchasing licenses from this site, you can in fact receive your key directly via email in a few minutes (also excellent for the environment!), you can pay with many secure payment methods (eg PayPal, card or Amazon Pay), you can take advantage of the garanzia soddisfatti or rimborsati and you can count on a free assistance service in cittàn.

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    All you have to do to proceed with the purchase of a license is to connect to the Mr Key Shop page dedicated to Windows 10, Windows 8 o Windows 7, choose theedition of the operating system of your choice and add it to the cartby pressing the appropriate button. I suggest you also take a look at the licenses for the Office package (in particular those for Office 2019, the most recent package from Microsoft) and those for the antivirus, also sold at very affordable prices.

    When you have completed your purchases, log in to cart and choose whether to complete the transaction such as guest or registering a account. Easier done than said!

    How to remove "This copy of Windows is not genuine"

    Having made the necessary clarifications above, let's get to the point and find out which systems are available to be able to remove the words "This copy of Windows is not genuine" displayed on the computer screen. You will find them all listed below.

    Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    To remove the fateful writing "This copy of Windows is not genuine" from your PC desktop, you can first make use of the named tool Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool, made available directly by the Redmond company: it is a tool that provides detailed information about the product key in use and that analyzes / solves, in a completely automatic way, problems related to Windows licenses.

    To use it, visit the program download page and wait for the tool to download to your computer. Next, launch the .exe file obtained, by double clicking on it, and press the button Yes, in the window that appears on the desktop.

    In the further window that you will now see, click on the button Continue and wait for the analysis of the Windows license in use on your PC.

    If the copy of Windows you are using is genuine and valid, in correspondence with the wording Validation status, present in the card Windows, you will find the inscription genuine in green. If there are any issues that the tool may be able to solve, just click the button Resolve, located at the bottom left, and follow the instructions provided on the screen.

    If the copy of Windows used is not authentic or if the button Resolve it is obscured and not clickable, unfortunately the tool cannot help you to solve the licensing problems of the operating system.

    RSOP command

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    Another solution you can take to try to remove "Inauthentic Windows Copy" is to take advantage of the RSOP command (acronym for Resultant Set of Policy).

    To use it, press the key combination Win + R on the keyboard, in order to open the window Run. Then type the command rsop.msc in the field apri and press the button OK (or press the button Submit on the computer keyboard), to confirm.

    On the screen of Resultant set of criteria which at this point is shown to you, click on dart that you find next to the wording Windows settings in the menu on the left, under the heading Computer configuration, in order to expand the relative menu, then select the items from it Security settings e System services.

    Now, on the right side of the screen, locate the item Plug and Play, double-click on it and, in the additional window you see appear, select the option Automatica, in order to change the starting mode of the service. Then, press on the buttons Apply e OK, to apply and confirm the changes made.

    Finally, call up the window again Run, proceeding as I explained above, type the command gpupdate / force in the field apri, award-winning OK or press the button Submit on the keyboard and restarts the computer.

    The next time you log in to Windows, if using the RSOP command has proved effective, the problems should be resolved and the writing indicating that the copy of the operating system you are using is not genuine should finally be gone.

    SLMGR-REARM command

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    even the SLMGR-REARM command it can help to remove the annoying writing indicating the inauthenticity of Windows from the PC screen. The command in question, in fact, allows you to manage Microsoft software licenses and, consequently, can prove to be a valid ally in carrying out the operation covered by the guide.

    That said, to be able to use it, click on the Start button (I cheer with the windows flag) che trovi nella part in fund to sinistra della taskbar, type "Cmd" in the search field, right-click on the link for the Command Prompt from menu that opens, select the item Run as administrator from the context menu and, in the window that is shown on the screen, press the button Yes.

    Now that you see the Command Prompt screen, enter the command SLMGR / REARM or that one SLMGR–REARM and press the button Submit on the computer keyboard. Then click the button OK in the additional window that opens, so as to consent to the restoration of the license status of the PC.

    Once you have completed all the steps above, restart your computer. The next time you log in to Windows, the problems related to the operating system license should be solved and the fateful writing should finally disappear.

    Removing the KB971033 update

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

    Stai using a PC with your installato Windows 7 and the message that the copy of the operating system in use is not authentic appeared after the installation of theupdate KB971033, to try to solve the problem, you can try to remove the latter, as reported by Microsoft itself on an official technical support page

    To uninstall the update in question, do the following: Click the Start button (I cheer with the windows flag) che trovi nella part in fund to sinistra della taskbar and select the link to Control Panel in menu that opens.

    In the window that you now see on your desktop, click on the item Programs and / or on that Programs and features (depending on the type of display set), then select the link View installed updates that you find on the left.

    In the window with the list of installed updates that is shown to you at this point, locate the update KB971033 in the list in the center, select it, click on the button Uninstall present at the top and, in the further window that opens, on the button Yes, in such a way as to confirm what your intentions are.

    Then wait for the update uninstallation procedure to start and complete, then restart the computer. The next time you log into Windows the problem should finally be solved.

    Article created in collaboration with Mr Key Shop.

    How to remove unauthentic copy of Windows

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