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    How to switch Windows 10 administrator accounts

  • How to change Windows 10 administrator account
    • Change Windows 10 administrator name
    • Change local Windows 10 administrator account name
  • Change Windows 10 administrator password
  • How to change administrator Windows 10

    Having trouble managing your current administrator account on Windows 10, so would you like to create another one and get rid of the "original" one? You can do this in a couple of minutes, directly from the Windows panel. For the procedure to be successful, you must log in to Windows with a profile with elevated privileges, which must still remain active on the computer (it is not possible to use Windows in the absence of at least one administrator configured).

    Create Windows 10 administrator accounts

    To start, right click on the button Home Windows (the icon in the form of pennant located at the bottom left), choose the item Settings from the menu that is proposed to you, then go to the sections Account e Family and other users (on the left).

    Now, click the button Add another user to this PC and, if you intend to use a Microsoft account, follow the simple wizard to log in to it and set up the account on your computer.

    If, on the other hand, you want to create a "local" profile, then disconnected from any online account, click on the link I don't have this person's login information e Add a user without a Microsoft account. Subsequently, fill out the proposed form with the information requested of you (username e Password), specifies the Questions and answers to use in case of password loss and click on the button NEXT.

    After the account creation step, click onnew profile icon, by pressing the button Change account type, then set the drop-down menu Account type su CEO And that's it!

    To access the newly created account, right click on the button Home, go to the menu Close or sign out> Sign out and, once you return to the login screen, click on the name of the newly created account (which you can find at the bottom left) and enter the access password to be able to use it: at the first access, you will be asked to perform the initial configuration profile (activation or deactivation of Cortana, speech / spelling recognition, and so on).

    Delete Windows 10 administrator account

    Now that you've managed to create the new administrator account, would you like to finally get rid of the old one? No problem: even in this case, it is a very simple procedure, executable from within Windows.

    To begin with, log in using the administrator account you intend to keep, then right click on the menu Home, then on the voice Settings located in the menu that appears and go to the sections Account e Family and other users. Finally, find the account you want to get rid of, click on his name, award-winning Remove and specify if keep accounts and data or not using the buttons displayed on the screen.

    Please note that if you have deleted an account linked to Microsoft, the deletion will be limited to the user configured on the computer only (the Microsoft account in question, in fact, will continue to exist and can be used). If you want to delete that too, you can rely on the steps I indicated in my guide on how to delete Microsoft account.

    How to change Windows 10 administrator account

    You have not found the information I have given you so far very useful, as it is not your intention change Windows 10 administrator account, replacing it with a new one, but change some aspects of what you already have? Then read the following paragraphs very carefully, in which I am going to explain how to change the name of the administrator account (both Microsoft and local) and the password.

    Change Windows 10 administrator name

    If you log into Windows with a Microsoft account, the name displayed on your computer is the same as it appears on your online account. Consequently, to change it, you must act in the Microsoft profile settings: connected, therefore, to this web page, log in with your Microsoft account credentials and click on the item Edit the name located immediately under your name.

    Finally, enter the new name in the text fields displayed in the next window, exceeds the captcha check by entering the required characters in the appropriate form and clicking on the button Save, to make the change effective. The new name will be displayed on your computer the next time you log in (as long as your PC is connected to the Internet).

    Change local Windows 10 administrator account name

    If you haven't associated your account with Microsoft, you can proceed to change your username using the control panel "classic". To do so, click on the button Home, open the folder Windows system and click on the Control Panel that you find in it.

    In the new window that opens, click twice consecutively on the item User Accounts (if you don't see it, click on the drop-down menu View by, located at the top right, and set it to the item Category), choose the option Change account name located on the next screen, type the name you want to assign to the account in the appropriate text field and press the button Change name. The change will be applied starting from the next login.

    Change Windows 10 administrator password

    If it is your intention to change your Windows 10 administrative account password because you are concerned that someone has managed to trace the one you currently use, you can easily do it from the Windows settings panel.

    So, first of all, log in to the system using the account of your interest, right click on the button Home Windows, select the item Settings from the menu that appears and go to the section Account.

    Then click on the item Access options, then on the voice Password and then on the button Modification that appears in the box of the same name to start the password change procedure. After this step, follow the procedure that best suits the type of account you intend to act on.

    • Microsoft account: click on the button NEXT attached to the window that appears on the screen, type the correct password and new password in the appropriate fields, then, click on the button NEXT to complete the procedure. If you no longer remember your current password, click on the item instead I forgot my current password and follow the procedure that is proposed to you to restore it easily. Alternatively, you can refer to the instructions I gave you in my guide to recovering a Microsoft account.
    • Local account: type the password currently in use, click on the button NEXT, enter the new password in the first two fields of the next window, type a hint to help you remember it, then click on the buttons NEXT e end to finalize everything. If necessary, you can also change the security questions by clicking on the entry again Password and then on the link Update the security questions.

    If you have a local account and you no longer remember your Windows login password, you can temporarily bypass it using software come KON-BOOT, which I told you about in this guide.

    How to switch Windows 10 administrator accounts

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