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    On Chrome, statistics on most visited sites, history and online time

    Very often it is recommended to delete the browsing history in order to maintain privacy and prevent other people who use the PC from spying on their online activity. The chronology, however, is an important element in the use of the internet because it allows you to go back to old searches, to find sites visited some time ago that had not been stored.
    Furthermore, internet history is one of the main factors why Google search results change in a personalized way as well.
    Sometimes your browsing history says a lot about the quantity and quality of time spent on the internet.
    If you use the Google Chrome browser as your default and usual browser, you can install these extensions to improve the history and habits on the internet and also to get information about the weather and the most visited sites.

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    The only note to make is that Chrome keeps the data in the browser history for about 10 weeks as indicated on the Google Chrome help page.

    1) Chrome Better History instead it is an extension that improve Chrome history page, displaying an additional menu on the page. It therefore becomes easier to search for entries by date or by a keyword. You can also see your browsing history as a bubble chart where associations between websites are shown by intersecting circles.
    A button is also added to clear history with one click

    2) WorldBrain is a very useful and powerful extension for Google Chrome that indexes all the web pages you visit as well as bookmarks in order to make them very easy to find when you go to type an address or a word in the address bar of the browser.

    3) History Trends is an extension that generates a complete report with all internet browsing statistics. You can therefore see: the most viewed sites with the precise number of visits, the daily statistics and the days in which the most visited, the data for each day, week and month and a graph showing how to get to a site , whether via search or click.

    4) History Trends Unlimited keep Chorme history unlimited, beyond the default 90 days of Chrome history.

    5) Webtime Tracker is an extension that shows us in a pie chart which sites were the most viewed in a day, a week or a month, to find out about our internet browsing habits. It provides a interactively to see the history, with a graph made up of nodes and sub-nodes. At the bottom, you can define the time range to be displayed which can be an hour, a day, a week or a month. The interactive graph can be clicked to highlight a node rather than another, to see the pages visited for each site and to zoom. The lines are the relationships between the visited sites so, for example, two pages are connected if they have been visited consecutively in a time interval of 20 minutes. The pages visited for some time are colored in blue, while those in yellow are the sites currently visited. Among the best features of Webtime Tracker is the special algorithm that manages to measure the time of when the Chrome window is active, when it is not covered by other windows or is not hidden.

    6) Recent History is another way of viewing your history with the addition of a calendar that is useful for finding which sites were visited two weeks ago or on a specific day. You can obviously search by word or address and it is also possible to make selective cancellations, eliminating the presence of a domain and all its pages from the history.

    7) History Stats is another way of view statistics history and recent history of internet browsing. It is possible to sort the browser history according to the number of visits, ascending or descending with an indication of the last visit. From the history Stats interface you can selectively delete the links of the story.

    8) History Trends Unlimited keep Chorme history unlimited, beyond the default 90 days of Chrome history.

    9) History Manager adds functionality to the default history page and makes it much easier to scan past navigation. The stats page also shows which sites we are visiting the most and spending the most time on.

    10) History Search allows you to search the history for the titles and page content of the sites you visit.

    11) Easel is a Chrome extension that helps to remember and organize all the sites that have been opened over time. You can then search the history, find files and web applications used and organize the history by filtering it by sites and URLs or even categories.

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