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    10 Chrome extensions for Netflix

    Visto che finalmente è arrivato Netflix in el paese e siccome si tratta di un servizio eccellente per vedere film e telefilm sul PC o in TV a prezzi davvero bassissimi che vale la pena sottoscrivere, è il momento di vedere come sfruttarlo al meglio.
    In this chapter we see the most useful Chrome extensions to improve the NetFlix site and take advantage of every potential feature in order to make it simpler or more complete.
    NetFlix, in itself, is a perfect site, clean, very easy to navigate, without advertising, without uselessness and straight to the goal which is to let its subscriber choose a movie to watch.
    Chrome extensions add options to the site, allow you to browse movies more fully and have more control over playback.
    Di best tricks with Chrome extensions for Netflix we have at least 4 to try.

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    1) Flix Plus is the first to try because it adds some useful features to the NetFlix web page.
    After installation, when you go to NetFlix, you will notice the wrench icon on the address bar which is the button to open the extension options. The most visible result is obtained by clicking on a film before starting playback, noting how many icons appear under the title to search for that film on Wikipedia, Google, Youtube, IMDB (the most famous review site in the world) and others useful to know what movie it is before starting to see it. Other interesting advantages are the key to see a random episode of a chosen show and to hide the short summary of the episode, for those who do not want any kind of previews. Unfortunately, this extension is designed for the US version of Netflix so some buttons and links are to American sites.

    2) Enhancer per Netflix permette di sfogliare il catalogo di film e telefilm usando le categorie segrete, ossia liste selezionate in base al tipo e al genere di film. Inoltre ha una funzione sperimentale interessante, per staccare il video dal browser e vederlo sempre in primo piano. Si può quindi leggere un articolo su lasciando la visione del film in una finestra mobile separata.

    3) Netflix Party is a Chrome app that you can use to watch a movie with another person at the same time.
    Practically the playback on the two computers is synchronized to the second so it will be as if the two people saw that movie on the same TV, even if they are miles apart. You can send the link to a friend and we can see that film with him as if we were next to each other, in synchrony.

    4) OttoPlay adds to NetFlix an interface similar to that of the TV Guide on TVs, for choosing channels. For each channel it is written which film is broadcast and therefore it becomes easy to zap and choose what to see.

    5) Netflix Extended it is a very comfortable extension that works automatically to skip the introduction and the initials of the episodes of the series and also any summaries of previous episodes. Watching each TV series therefore becomes faster.

    6) Super NetFlix instead it adds more control buttons for videos that appear at the top right. The main function is to set a fixed video quality (while Netflix modifies the video quality based on the detected connection speed).

    7) Flex Assist is a fundamental extension for netflix that solves that annoying problem caused by the words "keep watching". In practice, it is done so that this writing does not appear anymore, letting you watch the film or TV show in an uninterrupted, continuous and uninterrupted way.

    8) Rateflix adds ratings for each movie to Netflix, from Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB.

    9) FindFlix allows you to discover the hidden categories with which Netflix classifies its films and TV series.

    10) Never Ending Netflix allows you to watch Netflix continuously without interruption for hours and hours. The extension automatically skips the intro and ending theme of each movie or show and turns off the "are you still watching?" which appears if nothing is touched for a few hours.

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