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    5 tips to prevent your smartphone from overheating during the summer

    How to prevent your precious smartphone from overheating? And yes, it's summer, the sun is out and the heat that accompanies it is not necessarily the best ally of our smartphone. So if we sunbathe by the beach well protected by our sunscreen, for our precious phone it's a whole different story. Like any electronic device, it is relatively sensitive, here are some tips to spend a summer with peace of mind.

    Before getting to the heart of the matter, it must be taken into account that if the heating of the smartphone will not sign its death warrant in the short term. In the long term, it's a whole other story since the components will deteriorate much faster, although most of them are designed to withstand high heat.

    The battery or the SoC are two elements to take into account since they are often one of the main sources of heat especially when they are in high demand. Nevertheless, summer and the scorching sun are two real causes of trouble for our precious electronic jewelry. There are many risks to leaving your smartphone exposed to the sun. Caution is therefore required to ensure their longevity!

    Do not leave your smartphone in the car

    Our cars can turn into real ovens quite quickly when we expose them to the sun, especially when they are parked and this strong heat is harmful for our electronic companion. After all, it is forbidden to leave our children and our animals in the car in such conditions, this logic also works for your smartphone.

    Un support is highly recommended when using the smartphone in the passenger compartment affixed in front of the ventilation, it will be less prone to overheating. If you have no choice but to leave it in your car, the trunk will probably be the best place to store it. Avoid places in which the sun “slaps” directly and favor areas in the shade.

    However, it is not recommended to leave it in the glove box, even to play music there if the jack port is there. This location is not known to effectively protect our equipment from heat. Obviously it is better to move away as much as possible from the windows and especially from the windshield.

    Disable everything unnecessary on your smartphone

    Bluetooth, Wi-fi or GPS are a additional heat source which may be unnecessary. When you go about your business, it will be a good idea to activate airplane mode on your smartphone. Once certain features are disabled, your phone will consume less power and therefore heat up less. In addition, the autonomy of the smartphone will be improved, which is not trivial either and will also be of service to you during the summer.

    Monitor applications

    The heating of the SoC is also an important factor to consider. This can also pose a real problem in hot weather and some applications can be relatively resource intensive. We automatically think of games, for example.

    Indeed, GPS applications or augmented reality games, such as The Walkind Dead Our World, which put a lot of strain on the smartphone, must be used with some caution. If you feel your smartphone heating up in your pocket for no apparent reason, remember to check that an application is not causing trouble. To make sure that an application does not run unnecessarily in the background, we invite you to force stop. How to do ?

    • Go to the settings
    • Then in Apps and notifications
    • Choose the problematic Android app
    • Press Force stop

    Do not cover your smartphone “too much”

    In the summer when it's hot, we don't wear down jackets or big sweaters. For our smartphone it's a bit the same thing, some shells can also be dangerous for the good health of our precious. We are thinking in particular of leather cases, which will accentuate the heating of your device.

    To a lesser extent, certain covers or protections, which are most of the time an ally helping us to protect our smartphones, can contribute to giving them a great heat stroke. Certainly less than the car which turns into an oven in full sun, but all the same it must be kept in mind that if protecting it is important during our activities, when it is calmer we can let them breathe a little. To give you ideas, discover our top 10 of the most original smartphone cases!

    Do not collect all electronic objects in one place

    The smartphone often has traveling companions, remember not to store them all in the same place when they are in a bag. It is better to compartmentalize them to reduce the risk of overheating.

    It is not a good idea to gather several metal objects in the same place during high heat, it can only increase the risk of breaking a device. Leaving them off in this situation would be good advice.

    No, the fridge is not the solution!

    Despite all these good tips, your precious smartphone is hot, very hot. So a good tip, turn it off and place it in the shade so that it can cool down quietly and above all slowly. Some think that putting it in the fridge is an excellent solution and will cool the smartphone or any other device quickly. Except that the risk of deterioration is enormous, because condensation can form within the electronic circuits which can put a definitive end to the life of your terminal.

    In some cases (increasingly rare), the battery is removable. Removing it and placing it in a cooler place can only help you spend a more serene summer in situations where the heat is omnipresent. Do you find it hard to put your phone aside? Discover our Digital Detox tips, to disconnect from your smartphone.

    What are your tips?

    Everyone has their little tips and tricks for spending a peaceful summer. What would be your advice to effectively fight against the heat? Do you know a way to cool them effectively without damaging them? Tell us everything!

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