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    Apple: 79% of iPhone users want Touch ID back

    According to a survey conducted by SellCell, 79% of iPhone users want Touch ID back on their smartphones.

    Apple: 79% of iPhone users want Touch ID back
    Touch ID. Image Apple.

    According to a study conducted by the American company SellCell, 79% of iPhone users want Touch ID back, Apple's fingerprint reader.

    74% of respondents are frustrated with the idea of ​​having trouble unlocking their iPhone with a mask

    Touch ID is (almost) history. On the other hand, some users would already like Apple to bring it back to its smartphone ranges. Released with the iPhone 5s in 2013 and up to the iPhone SE (2020) on a touch surface, Touch ID is used to unlock devices, make purchases in the App Store or pay for purchases online or in stores. physical stores or on the Internet with the Apple Pay system.

    They would therefore be 79% to want Touch ID again, according to SellCell. According to the study conducted, 74% of respondents say they have had problems working with Face ID. When asked how frustrated they were that Face ID wasn't working as expected while wearing masks, 19% said they were “extremely frustrated” and 27% “very frustrated”. Even more surprisingly, 35% of respondents are hesitant to buy the new iPhone 12 models because they do not have a fingerprint reader.

    Unsurprisingly, and if we follow the trend of this study, 23,3% of iPhone users said they would buy an Android smartphone with a fingerprint reader and the next purchase. However, one in three Android users has been thinking of switching to Apple since the release of the iPhone 12.

    With the arrival of iPhone X and its successors, Apple had effectively abandoned the fingerprint sensor to replace it with a facial recognition system, dubbed Face ID. This new biometric authentication method has its bespoke, but it also presents some cons, such as the operating angle that prevents unlocking the iPhone when it is not positioned in front of the face. Logically, this one actually always has trouble recognizing a masked face. And this, despite the arrival of iOS 13.5, supposed to improve the unlocking of iPhones by adapting to mask wearers.

    Speaking of the return of "old" Apple technologies, rumors speak of a return of Force Touch on the Touch Bar of future MacBooks.


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