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    Best Chrome Extensions 2022 for all uses

    Best Chrome Extensions 2022 for all uses The Google Chrome browser has now surpassed Firefox both for the number of users and for the number of extensions to add different types of functionality to internet browsing.
    Given the large number of extensions, we see here a summary with The best, the ones that everyone should use on Google Chrome, to improve navigation on major websites. For almost every extension on this list you can open an in-depth link to find other alternative extensions to the one suggested in order to cover almost every sector and category.

    1) Productivity and usefulness to surf the web more comfortably

    For a more complete list see the best extensions to improve productivity in Google Chrome.

    - Instapaper - Mercury Reader - Pocket
    Anyone who reads many articles on the internet can download one of these three very similar extensions that allow you to mark articles so that you can read them later or later. They are not extensions to share web pages on social networks but to use for yourself, to keep your favorite blog posts and articles from online newspapers. These services also have applications for Android and iPhone smartphones so that those saved web pages are synced across all devices.

    - Any.Do o Microsoft ToDo are the extensions to mark things to do, always in a synchronized way without ever forgetting what to do during the day.

    - StayFocusd is an extension to limit the amount of time that can be spent on a website during a day. Basically, to prevent ourselves from wasting entire days on Facebook or some online game.

    - Lazarus is a lifesaver for anyone who fills out many online forms or writes in Chrome text boxes. Lazzaro saves what is written on the Forms so that, if Chrome crashes, it can be recovered.
    Lazarus was also talked about in the article on how to automatically fill in text boxes and save forms

    - Chrome Notepad is a notepad that opens in a box and allows you to always keep notes that are synchronized between all the computers on which Chrome is used.

    - Feedly Counter extension to see the number of unread articles on Feedly on the Chrome bar.

    - Google Bookmarks for better management of Chrome bookmarks

    - Google Translate on Chrome, to translate websites

    - Intelligent Search to enhance internet searches.

    - Discoverly to find out everything about people in Gmail, Facebook and other social contacts.

    - docusign to sign documents online.

    - Pushbullet allows you to create a communication channel between PC and mobile phone.
    Whether you have an Android smartphone or an iPhone, to integrate PC and smartphone you need this application, perfect for passing images, files, links and simple text notes from one to another.
    Pushbullet is also great for reading cell phone notifications on PC and for replying to Whatsapp messages from PC and Mac.

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    2) Security

    Among the best security extensions for Chrome we can mention:

    - BitWarden to have an easy, free, secure password manager that works on other browsers as well as on mobile phones.

    - HTTPS Everywhere to make sure you always browse sites with HTTPS (encrypted) and avoid ending up in fake web pages.

    - Disconnect to prevent cookies from tracking the user's browsing and thus block advertisers from memorizing browsing habits.

    - Web of Trust, more commonly known as WOT, is that service that uses colors to rate websites based on their reputation.
    With this extension installed it becomes easy to avoid clicking dangerous links and going to suspicious sites

    - TunnelBear VPN is one of the extensions to get a VPN on Chrome, for free.

    3) Change Chrome functionality and performance

    - Auto Tab Discard is one of the extensions to suspend inactive tabs on Chrome to save memory.
    In practice, when many tabs are opened, those that are not activated for a certain period of time are suspended and removed from the memory and then reload when clicked.

    - Incredible Start Page instead it is one of the extensions to improve or change the Chrome home tab

    - Fresh Start, one of the extensions to save open tabs and be able to reopen them with a click whenever you want.

    - Better History is the best extension to improve browser history display.

    - crxMouse Chrome Gestures is a great extension to add mouse gestures and move Chrome faster, for example to go to the previous page or to refresh or to switch to another tab. You can then hold down the right mouse button and move the mouse right or left to load the previous or next page, or up or down to scroll the page up and down. There are many options for customizing gestures that are worth trying.

    - Click & Clean is a button to clean Chrome with a single click and, therefore, clear cache, cookies, history and everything else.

    - picture è l'estensione per ingrandire le immagini alla loro dimensione massima quando ci si passa il cursore sopra, risparmiando la fatica di cliccarle e aprirle in una nuova scheda. Questo è utile soprattutto su Facebook, sulla ricerca immagini di Google, su Twitter e altri siti di immagini.

    - Turn Off Lights è un'estensione molto semplice che permette di oscurare lo schermo quando si vede un video su Youtube o altri siti di video in streaming. Il pulsante è una lampadina che appare sulla destra della barra dei preferiti.

    - Panic Button to immediately close all open tabs with a button, which is always best to have.

    - Print Friendly, to print web pages without wasting ink, deciding what to include and what to exclude.

    4) Facebook

    Among the Google Chrome extensions to improve Facebok it is worth mentioning Social Fixer.
    Social Fixer is the extension to customize Facebook in all respects and make it a different site, to our liking.

    5) Youtube

    Among the numerous extensions to watch Youtube videos with Chrome we mention:

    - YouTube Options serves to solve all the major annoyances of YouTube: hide comments, disable autoplay, make advertising disappear and so on.

    - DF YouTube to eliminate unnecessary elements from the Youtube site and watch videos without distractions.

    - ImprovedTube greatly improves YouTube with several options to change the graphics of the site.

    6) Twitter

    Among the best Chrome extensions for Twitter, the Notifier is very useful to receive notifications on the Chrome bar when new updates appear

    7) Gmail

    In another article, the best extensions for Gmail for Chrome are indicated, among which we mention the main ones.

    - Gmail Offline to read Gmail even if your computer is not connected to the internet.

    - Minimalist for Everything allows you to make Gmail easier by removing unnecessary or unnecessary menu bars, obviously at your choice.

    - Checker More to be notified on the Chrome extension bar when new emails arrive.

    - Secure GMail, extension to add encryption to Gmail emails

    - Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail to change graphics to Gmail and make it more productive.

    Other extensions

    The apps and extensions for Google Drive, listed in another article.
    Finally, Chrome cannot miss theextension to stay up to date with the latest articles from this blog

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