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    Business accounts are coming to Instagram

    The Instagram social network is preparing to welcome a big change: the arrival of professional accounts, which have already been tested for a few weeks. In total, three main features will appear: the possibility of interacting more easily with customers, of promoting posts and of having access to more precise statistics.

    Business accounts are coming to Instagram

    When it was born, Instagram wanted to be simple: it was about sharing moments of life in photos, with a caption and a comment system. Over time, the snapshot social network has gradually transformed into the image social network. Brands saw it as a perfect opportunity to advertise indirectly and build a community around an account. Since last year, sponsored content (understand, advertisements) has appeared on the social network. Instagram just announced an additional step in the monetization and professionalization of the network : the appearance of professional (business) profiles.

    Business accounts are coming to Instagram

    Professional profiles stand out

    Professional profiles will stand out from traditional profiles by several pieces of information displayed to their followers such as the presence of a contact button to retrieve the company's phone number, email and address. With a professional profile, it will be possible to track account statistics in more detail with information on the most liked media, commented on, or even the times when users are most engaged. There are already such tools offered by third parties, but which are often paid for, or which go a little less far in presenting the data.

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