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    Canal+ Ciné Séries with Netflix: here is the list of compatible boxes and decoders

    Canal+ and its Ciné Séries package with Netflix are not accessible on all decoders and all internet boxes in circulation. The streaming video platform, in particular, usually assumes that your carrier has made their latest hardware available to you. This may in some cases incur additional costs. Here is the list of decoders and internet boxes compatible with the Canal+ package with Netflix included. 

    Do you want to subscribe to the new Ciné Séries package from Canal+ with Netflix included? The Canal+ Ciné Séries package, which includes OCS and Disney Cinéma as a bonus, is offered in three subscription formulas. The first is non-binding, but also without access to television, from €49,90 per month excluding promotion (€34,90 per month with time-limited promotion -€15/month). With a one-year commitment and TV + PC/Smartphone/Tablet access, it costs €54,90 per month (€39,90 at the moment). The same thing with a two-year commitment is offered from €49,90 per month (the bouquet is on promotion for a limited time at €34,90).

    Canal+ Ciné Séries with Netflix: check if your decoder is compatible

    However, if you choose offers with television access, you must absolutely check that your current decoder will be compatible with Netflix, otherwise you will not be able to take full advantage of your subscription. If necessary, your operator can provide you with a new box or a new, more recent decoder. Note, however, that your ISP may charge you additional fees for this. Here is the list of compatible decoders and boxes:

    Canal+ decoder compatible with Netflix

    • 4 Canal+ 2018K UHD decoder

    One of our readers and several other concordant sources specify that there are in fact two compatible models:

    • Canal+ 4K UHD Humax/Sagemcom decoder received after 15/10/19
    • Canal+ 4K UHD Technicolor decoder compatible after update at the end of December 2019

    Netflix channel number : 18

    Orange: boxes compatible with Netflix

    • Livebox Play STB3
    • UHD TV Coder (MIB4 UHD)
    • UHD TV decoder (Stellar STB5)

    Netflix channel number : 70

    Free: Freeboxes to receive Netflix with Canal+ Ciné Séries

    • Freebox One
    • Freebox Delta
    • Freebox Mini 4K (via application)

    Please note: Netflix is ​​already included in the Freebox One and Delta offers!

    Netflix channel number : 130


    • Decoder More
    • Box THD 4K
    • SFR Box 8

    Netflix channel number : 66


    • Bbox Miami Ultym (Brooklyn)
    • Box Miami
    • Bbox Sensation

    Netflix channel number : 97

    Will you subscribe? Share your feedback in the comments.

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