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    Change the Chrome home tab on Android and iPhone

      Change the Chrome home tab on Android and iPhone Google Chrome browser has many useful features, although some may leave something to be desired from a privacy standpoint.
      In this article I'm talking, in particular, about how the first tab in Chrome for Android and iPhone is structured, with suggestions of articles that we might be interested in reading, immediately below the quick selection of the most visited sites and the recently added favorites.
      These suggestions are obviously derived from browser history, so if someone picks up our phone and opens Chrome, they can quickly know what our interests are, what our searches have been, and which sites we have bookmarked.
      Those who do not want to see this information in the first Google Chrome tab on their smartphone, for privacy or because they are not interested, can change the new Chrome tab on Android and iPhone, deactivate the various sections of the suggestions and favorites added.

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      To customize the first page tab in Chrome su iPhone e iPad you can touch the More options button (the three dots at the top right) and enter the Settings from the menu.
      From the Privacy section, look for the option that turns off tips to make them disappear.

      At the moment, this option is absent in the Settings> Privacy menu of Chrome on Android.
      To customize the Chrome homepage on Android get rid of the various sections that show personal content in the new tab you have to act differently for each section.

      - Removal of hints
      To make the list of suggested articles disappear, you need to open a new tab at the address
      Move the switch from Default to Disabled.

      - Remove recent download list and offline pages
      The new tab page in Chrome also shows the most recent file downloads
      To make them disappear, open the tab with address:
      And turn off the option.
      To also remove the pages saved for offline reading without an internet connection, deactivate the option found by typing the following URL in the address bar:
      chrome://flags/#enable-ntp-offline-page-download-suggestions .

      - Removing recently added favorites.
      To prevent the names of your favorite sites from appearing in the new tab, then deactivate the option found in:

      At this point the page of the new tab should be clean, with only the quick selection of the most visited sites, which can be removed from the menu that appears by tapping on the icon and holding down.

      However, other changes can be made on the new Chrome tab for Android

      - Yes they can view open tabs in other devices
      As Chrome syncs open tabs on PCs and mobiles where the same Google account is used, so you can get back to work on any device.
      These tabs can be viewed from the options menu, or even on the first tab if these two options are enabled:

      - You can too hide the Google logo from the first page of Chrome on Android in order to make all the various hints rise to the top (if they have been left active) and make them more visible.
      The option to change is the following:

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