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    Clean up of no longer existing or duplicate bookmarks on Chrome, Firefox and Edge

    Among the internet technologies that do not seem to be setting, there is certainly the banle and always fundamental collection of favorite sites.
    Call itself favorites, bookmarks or bookmarks (in English), websites or individual internet pages whose address or URL is saved on the browser to find them easily and access them immediately by clicking on them.
    Su internet ci sono un sacco di servizi per salvare online i siti preferiti, leggendo siti di notizie o blog tramite i feed, ma, almeno per noi el paeseni, la normale gestione dei preferiti tramite browser resta utilizzata dalla maggior parte delle persone.

    Sui browser, whatever you use: Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari, your favorites are marked with a yellow star symbol, like the one you can see on the right.
    In the long run, after surfing the internet for several years, there is a tendency to save more and more websites in the favorites list.

    The problems then are 3:
    1) You may prefer to change browser switching from Explorer to Opera (for example) and wanting to import favorites from one to the other.
    2) Yes, it can change computers and you don't want to lose all references to previously saved web pages.
    3) You might decide you want to organize the long list of websites, which has now become so long that it is no longer able to understand if certain sites still exist or not and if they were already saved in bookmarks before.

    To solve the second problem on this list, you can use programs to backup your favorites, whatever browser you use.
    A backup that can be restored solves even the first problem.

    The third problem, on the other hand, is the subject of this discussion that he proposes an easy way to check that there are no duplicates in your saved favorites and for verify that the saved web pages still exist, have not changed their address e have not disappeared.

    To clean up the bookmark list and delete dead sites it takes a little software called AM-DeadLink.
    This program works for check and verify your favorites collected with four browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox e Chrome.
    AM-DeadLink detects broken links and duplicates, and marks them for removal.
    Additionally, AM-DeadLink downloads the current favicon for all bookmarks and bookmarks for the four browsers in order to give them a reference icon image.
    AM-DeadLink is a free download from 1.3 MB, it is also in the country and its operation is quite simple.
    Upon installation, AM-DeadLink provides an option to install itself as a normal Windows program or as a portable program.
    The second option is for those who want to carry the software to a USB stick in order to clean up the bookmarks of multiple computers.
    The interface is simple, with a drop-down menu to select the browser to scan and verify.
    For each browser you can list your favorite sites and then you can press the green button to start the process verification of existing or dead websites and web pages.
    The time required to verify the complete collection obviously depends on the number of favorites that have accumulated over time.
    Finally, the program indicates in the "Status" column the sites that are no longer active or that show errors
    You can sort the errors by placing them at the top of the list and check them before removing them.
    After the links are validated, you can choose to eliminate faulty connections all together.
    Favicons can be controlled in the same way by pressing the button next to them.
    The search for duplicates and duplicates of favorites starts with the appropriate button; in this case, be careful and check the duplicates also with your eyes before removing them.
    AM-DeadLink also allows you to backup your favorites saving them all in a zip file.

    For other browsers instead you have to use the HTML export functionality of your favorites and check them by loading the file into the AM-DeadLink program.
    Once the HTML file has been cleaned up, they can then be imported back into the browser used.

    Per Google Chrome there is an extension that checks and removes favorite sites that no longer respond or open with error, also reporting duplicate ones.
    Is called Bookmark Check and makes a complete list of sites that no longer exist, allowing the user to also manually check and remove them (note that only those with 404 errors are really no longer present, while the others may have temporary connection problems).
    It also allows you to delete favorites that are present in bookmarks twice or more.

    Su FirefoxOn the other hand, a great add-on for doing bookmark checking and cleaning up bookmarks that are no longer active is 404 bookmarks, which signals and allows you to delete all the favorite sites that no longer exist, with error 404.

    Now you can finally reorganize your favorites, delete the old and no longer good ones and remove duplicates and duplicates.

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