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    Come disattivare My Wind

    How to deactivate My Wind by telephone

    Although apparently it may seem the other way around, disattivare My Wind it is actually an extremely simple and immediate operation. All you have to do is take the mobile phone in which the SIM for which you want to disable the service is inserted, open the dialer (i.e. the phone number dial screen) dial the 403020 on the numeric keypad and initiate a phone call.

    Then, listen to the welcome message of the Wind telephone service, follow the instructions of the recorded voice and press the button relating to the deactivation of My Wind, which should be the 2 (the combination of keys to be pressed may be subject to change). When the operation is completed, the recorded voice will indicate that the deactivation procedure of My Wind has been successful and that you can put an end to the phone call.

    Come disattivare My Wind

    In case of number portability, the My Wind service is active both on the temporary SIM and on the one on which the requested number will be transferred. The deactivation of My Wind must therefore be requested both on the temporary SIM and on the definitive SIM.

    Also know that if you think about it and decide to retrace your steps, Wind allows you to reactivate My Wind simply by calling the 403020 and following the indications of the recorded voice.

    Management of the answering machine after deactivating My Wind

    If call forwarding to the answering machine is disabled, the My Wind service could reactivate completely automatically without your consent. Therefore, if it is your intention to disable the Wind answering machine and you want to avoid duplicate procedures, first deactivate the answering machine and then the My Wind service.

    To deactivate the Wind answering machine, read my guide on how to deactivate the Wind answering machine, if you want to deactivate My Wind following the deactivation of the answering machine, inhibit the renewal of the service through call forwarding.

    To activate call forwarding if the phone is not reachable, enter the string ** 62 * 3205020000 # in the dialer and enter (i.e. press the button to start calls), while to divert calls in case of busy line use the string ** 67 * 3205020000 #.

    If you want to reactivate the answering machine when the phone is off, type the string  ** * 004 4200 11 * # in the dialer and enter, while to activate the answering machine for calls received when the phone is busy or the call is not answered use the string ** 62 * 32 (your number) # (where instead of Your number you have to type in your mobile number).

    Come disattivare My Wind

    How to deactivate My Wind via the Internet

    If you prefer, you can also deactivate the My Wind service via the Internet. How? I'll explain it to you right away. The first step you need to take is to connect to the Wind website, click on the tab MyWind customer area located at the top right and access your personal area by entering your username and password.

    If you have not yet created an account on the Wind website, click on the button Subscribe and, on the page that opens, type yours cellphone number. Then click on the button NEXT, enter the verification code that will be sent to you via SMS and complete the procedure for creating your account by following the instructions on the screen.

    Once logged into your personal area, select the item Your offer dalla barra laterale di sinistra, vai in fondo alla pagina che si apre e clicca sul link Enable / Disable located next to the item SMS My Wind. In the pane that opens, move up OFF the lever located at the top right, click on the button Confirmation And that's it.

    Come disattivare My Wind

    In case of retirement, you can retrace your steps and reactivate the MyWind service by clicking on the link Enable / Disable, moving up ON the lever in the box that opens and pressing the button Confirmation.

    What to do in case of doubts or problems

    If you can't disattivare My Wind or if you have any doubts about this service, try to get in touch with a Wind operator and ask the latter for clarification. You can get in touch with a Wind operator either through the switchboard or through the social network. To find out more about it and find out all the steps to take, read my guide on how to talk to a Wind operator.

    Come disattivare My Wind

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