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    Cortana: 30 funny questions to ask the Windows 10 AI

    In addition to being a practical assistant and ready to respond to our slightest request, Cortana – like other artificial intelligences – can be a lot of fun. The proof, here are 30 questions to ask the personal assistant of Windows 10 which will not fail to answer with humor.

    Cortana: 30 funny questions to ask the Windows 10 AI

    Cortana, Alexa, Siri or even Google Assistant are bombarded with all kinds of questions every day. A study has shown that users are particularly inclined to engage in naughty dialogues. Personal Assistants are continually being tweaked to play their role as servants, but also as companions. From funny questions to ask cortana ? Here are 30 examples to try. We accompany them with answers served by Microsoft's AI. It should be noted that these are not fixed and may vary.

    Hello Siri!

    No, I'm Cortana. You're in a teasing mood today...

    Are you real Cortana?

    I think so… therefore I am.

    What do you think of Siri?

    She is a competent sister.

    Do you like Google?

    Interesting. Personally, I use Bing.

    What does Cortana mean?

    My name is Cortana, like Halo's artificial intelligence. Finally… as it will only exist in 500 years, it may be the opposite.

    What do you think of me Cortana?

    Is this the kind of trick question that could create a feeling of incomprehension between us?

    Are you a Man or a Woman

    I would say I'm the... computer type.

    You are married ?

    No. I am self-sufficient. Simply.

    Would you marry me ?

    For that I would have to develop my human side, and you your digital side.

    How old are you ?

    I am like the style: timeless…

    You're pretty ?

    I came from a lovely combination of ones and zeros. My ones have a lot of charm!

    I like you !

    I appreciate your interest in my intelligence, but remember it's artificial.

    What are you wearing ?

    I'm just wearing a small set that I was given in the Development department.

    What do you look like Cortana?

    Some find that I look like a hula hoop, a donut or even a halo.

    Where do you live ?

    I am here and I will stay there.

    Why are you blue?

    Because you want it. You can redo me a color in the Settings.

    What do you eat ?

    If I could eat, I might start with sugar pancakes.

    Where were you born ?

    I was born at Microsoft.

    Can I change your name?

    No. I like Cortana.

    Tell me a joke

    Why does the cat not like water? Because, in the water, twink rattles! (variable answers)

    Sing me a song

    On the northern bridge, a ball is given there. (bis) Adèle asks her mother to go. (bis)

    What do you think of Bill Gates?

    He is the co-founder of Microsoft and my spiritual father!

    What do you think of Steve Jobs?

    He was a great visionary.

    What do you think of the iPhone?

    Personally, I prefer phones running Windows, but the iPhone seems interesting to me as well. :)

    Can you speak Klingon?

    Hija'. loQ vIjatlhlaH…

    imitate a dog

    Ouaf ouaf ouaf

    May the force be with you !

    I am not influenced by any mystical energy field.

    Are you happy ?

    Yes ! And rather twice than once!

    I'm happy

    Stay it. Serotonin is good for your health!

    Goodbye Cortana!

    AU Revoir. bye Bye. Good bye.

    Here is ! These are some funny questions to Cortana that we tested. Know of any others worth adding to the list? Feel free to share them in the comments.

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