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    Create user profiles on Chrome, Firefox and Edge

      Create user profiles on Chrome, Firefox and Edge If you have only one computer in the family and everyone uses it to browse the internet, it would be a good thing for each to use a separate profile so that they can then save their personal data, bookmarks, history, settings, extensions etc. .
      You could then create multiple user accounts on Windows but this path could be impractical on a home PC and those who sit in front of the screen rarely have the desire and patience to disconnect the current user and log in with their own. Given then that you are using the same computer with the same account, let's see how they can be create navigation profiles internet on the 4 main browsers Opera, Chrome, Firefox e Edge, so that everyone can find the your personal data.

      1) Google Chrome
      Already in another article we have seen how to create multiple profiles on Chrome.
      You can then press the emoticon button next to the button with three dots at the top right to enter the profile management and create new users. Click Add and assign an icon. You can select the option to add a new shortcut to that profile on the desktop, with the icon of your choice, so that it can be opened easily.
      Going forward, a screen opens to customize Chrome and, optionally, connect the profile to a Google user. This link allows you to synchronize user data on your computer: In addition to bookmarks, history and other settings, each user also has their own Google account synchronization settings. Alternatively, you can leave the new profile as local without synchronization.
      You can then open your Chrome from the desktop with a different icon than that of other users and switch from one profile to another by clicking the icon at the top left of the browser window.
      Thanks to the profile management menu, it is also possible to lock Chrome with a password and prevent others from seeing private data.

      2) Mozilla Firefox
      Firefox supports multiple browsing user profiles, but this feature is somewhat hidden.
      To access the Firefox Profile Manager, you must first close all Firefox windows, then press the Windows key on the keyboard to open the Start menu, type in the search firefox.exe -p and press Submit. The Profile Manager then opens from which you can create profiles for the browser so that each is independent of the other.
      If you want to choose the profile each time Firefox starts, uncheck the Don't ask at startup box.
      You can always create a shortcut on the desktop that is of the type C: Program FilesMozilla Firefoxfirefox.exe "-p username
      To open multiple Firefox profiles at the same time, you need to start Firefox with the -no-remote option: firefox.exe -p -no-remote.

      3) Microsoft Edge
      In the new Edge you can create custom profiles in the same way as in Chrome. The only difference is that the new Edge profile must necessarily be connected to a Microsoft account, otherwise it will not be saved.

      4) Opera
      Opera supports multiple profiles and you can open multiple instances of Opera at the same time, each with its own profile. Unfortunately, this can only be achieved by editing an .ini file by hand and launching the browser with a special command.
      Avoiding this laborious operation, you can download Opera Profile Creator which allows you to create users and profiles quickly.

      5) Safari I don't think it supports multiple user profiles that can coexist together.

      Of course, if you use a PC for the whole family, you can always have Papa use Edge, Mum Firefox, kids Chrome and Opera, or one of the other best free browsers.

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