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    ViaMichelin is a mobile application and a web service that allows you to find and calculate a route for your travels in town and in the countryside. Quick and easy to use, the service is available free of charge on all your mobile devices or via the Internet.


    Download ViaMichelin Route & GPS for Android

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    Release 11.6.0 | Michelin Developer | Updated on 30/11/2021

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    What is ViaMichelin?

    ViaMichelin is what we call a digital mobility assistance service. Launched in 2001 by the famous Michelin group, this service is intended free of charge for the general public and professionals. ViaMichelin uses the group's know-how in the publication of maps and guides to provide route calculation and digital cartography services on the Internet, on mobile phones, on GPS and on removable storage.

    Michelin's popularity needs no further introduction and the ViaMichelin service has been able to take advantage of this notoriety to win more and more followers. The proof, the application has been downloaded more than 5 million times in the Play Store and the ViaMichelin website registers more than a million connections per day.

    The service offered by the application is available free of charge for all devices with an Internet browser as well as for all mobile terminals running Android or iOS.

    What are the main features of ViaMichelin?

    ViaMichelin has numerous and varied functionalities that are easily accessible to the user. One of the main features of the application is the address search. By typing your search in the search bar, ViaMichelin will show you the precise location of the place on a detailed map. The application will also give you the route to reach this destination as well as the places of interest found all along the route.

    A digital cartography feature is also available on ViaMichelin. If you want to view a city map or neighborhood map, you can use the navigation pane to explore the location of your choice.

    One of the key functions of ViaMichelin is the ability to calculate routes. You can, from a place of departure, determine the path to reach a certain destination. The service will show you the route on a detailed map and give you the list of directions to reach your destination. This roadmap will be accompanied by the distance, the estimated duration of your journey as well as the cost of your journey depending on the type of fuel you use or the tolls you will have to cross.

    Still in this idea, ViaMichelin also offers you a voice guidance feature which offers you a real-time GPS navigation system and which can even be personalized by displaying, for example, the speed limits for each section of road.

    With its real-time traffic simulation feature, the app can offer you the fastest, cheapest or shortest route. These routes can be adapted to your mode of transport (on foot, by bike, by public transport or by car) and it is even possible for you to obtain the state of the traffic in real time through a color code (blue for fluid, orange for moderate and red for dense).

    On a completely different note, the app allows you to receive community alerts. These are alerts sent by other road users when they witness unforeseen events causing traffic disruption. These events include road works, traffic jams, accidents or any other potential hazard.

    With ViaMichelin, you can easily prepare your trip with the Michelin guides which list the tourist sites to visit. If you already know where to go, the application will offer you a geolocation of the sites of interest on your route. These sites include accommodation (guesthouses, hotels), car parks, restaurants or service stations. For each of these sites, you will have access to user reviews which will be of great help in making your choice. You can even book, via the application, in the restaurants or hotels that have convinced you.

    What's new with ViaMichelin?

    In addition to the various functionalities listed above, the latest version of ViaMichelin offers an option called “Radius 100 km” to help traveler mobility during this pandemic period. This is actually a feature that allows you to facilitate compliance with post-lockdown travel rules.

    These rules were issued to limit travel to 100km around your home to help curb the spread of the virus. The new “Radius 100 km” function therefore calculates the shortest distance between your starting point (your home) and your destination while optimizing all journeys.

    If for some reason you exceed 100 km, the application will warn you and offer you a list of tourist sites classified in the Michelin Green Guide that are worth visiting within your travel limit. Better still, ViaMichelin offers its users the official real-time map of pandemic activity by department.

    ViaMichelin currently allows you to make a detailed and personalized estimate of the cost of your journeys. In addition to the functionalities for calculating the cost of fuel and toll prices, the application now allows you to indicate the type of vehicle you are using to make your trip. You can thus indicate the model of your car, the brand, the range, the engine, the year of registration, etc.

    By clicking on the “Detailed trip cost” button, you will then have access to information on the details of toll prices, fuel consumption according to the sections taken and even the price per traveler if you are a fan of carpooling.

    How to get ViaMichelin?

    To be able to use ViaMichelin, several options are available to you. You can go directly to the website with your web browser. You will then have access to maps of more than 45 European countries, 23 tourist sites and 000 hotels listed in the Michelin Guide. In addition, you will have access to the hotel reservation service which has more than 55 European establishments. This service does not require any installation, so it is accessible through all mobile devices or not.

    To obtain the ViaMichelin mobile application, simply go to the App Store or the Play Store. On mobile, you can then benefit from the personal navigation assistant in addition to the route calculation functionality. You will need a device running Android 6.0 or iOS 13.0 to take full advantage of all the features offered by ViaMichelin.

    What are the best alternatives to ViaMichelin?


    There are several alternatives to ViaMichelin which are available free of charge on the Internet. Among these alternatives is Mappy, the free mapping and route calculation service designed by RATP Smart Systems. Just like ViaMichelin, this application offers a route planner that allows you to compare several modes of transport in Spain.

    The mapping service covers 320 Spanish cities and also allows geolocation and reservation of hotels and restaurants. Mappy is available on mobile and web browser.

    Google Maps

    The Google Maps application comes in second place among the competitors of ViaMichelin. Maps is an online mapping service owned and distributed by Google. Available on tablet, smartphone or directly on the Internet, the service allows you to consult digital maps of the whole world.

    Several views are available on the application: a classic map view, an aerial photography or satellite image view and an oblique image view of major world cities. Besides, Maps allows you to use the Google Street View feature which offers a virtual 360 degree navigation of places located on an urban or rural road.


    Among the alternatives to ViaMichelin, we can also mention the Waze mobile application. This is a driving assistance assistant and a navigation assistant that uses satellite positioning and customizable mapping. Waze is a product of a subsidiary of Google available on Android and iOS.

    Feature-wise, Waze is based on crowdsourcing. In other words, the application exploits the information provided by its users to simulate the state of the traffic. It also has a very efficient speed camera warning system in accordance with Spanish law since February 2014.

    Here WeGo

    We will end this list with the free mapping software HERE WeGo. Developed by HERE Apps LLC, this tool offers an online service as well as mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The current version of the software allows you to:

    • calculate routes on foot or by car
    • download maps for offline consultation
    • consult 3D maps of the buildings of a large city
    • to be informed about the traffic
    • benefit from voice navigation in "road GPS" mode for pedestrians and drivers in more than 100 countries


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