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    Tesla: drivers can now add stops to their routes on the GPS

    With a software update for its cars, Tesla has just added a navigation feature long requested by its users: the ability to add steps or "waypoints" to a journey.

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    Tesla has rolled out a new software update 2021.40.5 on his cars. This brings a new feature that users have been waiting for for more than a year now. In effect, it is now possible to customize the route on the in-car navigation system by adding steps through the new option “Add a stop”.

    Until now, Tesla's built-in GPS only allowed Tesla owners to get from point A to point B without marking steps, which means thateach time they had to enter a new destination on the navigation system. From now on, drivers will be able to make stops without having to enter a new address between each stage.

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    How to add stops to your Tesla journeys?

    According to the feature description, after updating your car to version 2021.40.5 you will be able to "Add a new stop to your route by touching the '+' icon on the navigation search button and searching a destination, or by pinning a place on the map”.

    Tesla's navigation system is therefore getting a little smarter and catching up with the competition, which is good news for owners. who have no choice but to use the car's on-board GPS. Indeed, Tesla has always refused to make its cars compatible with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay systems., so drivers can't use Google Maps or the Apple app unless using their smartphone. An ingenious owner had discovered that it was possible to go through the car browser to use Android Auto, but this solution is much less practical than the integrated system.

    The addition of stages will be particularly interesting for drivers who have to travel long distances, making stops at certain places. It's been over a year since Tesla was supposed to add this feature, since Elon Musk announced on Twitter on September 21 that he would soon allow drivers to add stops to their journeys.

    Fine, we’ll do it already ?

    - Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 21, 2020

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