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    Epic Games Store: Get Jurassic World Evolution for free for Christmas

    The Epic Games Store concludes its Christmas operation with one last free title. After Alien: Isolation, Cities Skylines, Metro 2033: Redux or Torchlight 2, players will be able to get their hands on the excellent Jurassic World Evolution, a management game in which you have to take the reins of a "dinosaur park ”. 

    Epic Games Store: Get Jurassic World Evolution for free for Christmas
    Credits: Frontier Developments

    You know to know the song. We meet every day for the new game offered by the Epic Games Store at the end of 2020. Indeed, the gaming platform has decided to spoil its users by offering one AAA game per day for 15 days. There was something for everyone: FPS with an onion atmosphere with Metro 2033: Redux, space survival with Alien: Isolation, pure and hard management with Cities Skylines or even hack 'n' ' old fashioned slash with Torchlight 2.

    And to conclude this operation as well as the year 2020 in style, the Epic Games Store has decided to mark the occasion with a game adapted from a famous and legendary license: Jurassic World Evolution. If it is true that in the past, the video game adaptations of Steven Spielberg's saga have never been very happy, it must be said that the title developed by Frontier Developments is not content to simply surf on the license, contrary.

    It's my own Jurassic Park

    In this management game, you are invited to take controlling a dinosaur amusement park. Just this postulate makes you want, doesn't it? Assisted by Jeff Goldblum himself, aka the hilarious doctor Ian Malcom, you will have to complete various objectives to develop the activity of your park, fill your enclosures with velociraptors, triceratops, T-Rex and other prehistoric reptiles, and ensure happy dinos and the survival of your customers. 

    Because yes, an accident can quickly happen on Jurassic World Evolution: a storm could, for example, disrupt your electrical installations, with the disastrous consequences that this can cause. Let's say a T-Rex eating your customers isn't very good publicity. In these situations, decisions will have to be made quickly to limit the damage.

    As a reminder, you can get Jurassic World Evolution for free on the Epic Games Store until January 7, 2021 at 17 p.m.. Indeed, the platform has decided to leave the game available to players for a full week. A nice gesture to start 2021 under the best auspices.

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