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    Forcing Facebook to open links on Chrome

    Using Facebook on the Android smartphone or iPhone you will notice that now, when you click on a link, the web page opens on Facebook and not on your preferred default browser.
    Overall, the idea would not be considered entirely bad if it weren't for the fact that it is made in an annoying way.
    The integrated Facebook browser, in fact, is absolutely poor and lacks all the essential features that apps like Chrome and Safari have instead.
    It can be useful as a preview tool or for taking a quick look at that link, but it can't be considered a replacement for the default browser.
    Luckily, on Android, there is an easy way to prevent this behavior (which the Facebook app sets everyone by default), disable the internal Facebook browser and go back to opening links posted by friends using your normal browser.

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    The problem is that web pages, the more complex ones, with heavy images or advertisements, take a lot longer to load on Facebook than they do in Chrome or Safari.
    Opening links on Facebook's internal browser can only be beneficial in old smartphones, where the app change is not handled quickly.
    You can always open a link in the normal way, with Chrome, by tapping the three vertical dots at the top right, but it would be better then to set this option as the default forever.
    Your Android, to deactivate the Facebook browser, open the Facebook application, then click the three-line icon in the navigation bar and scroll to "Settings and Privacy" and then click on Settings.
    From the next screen, scroll down until you find Media and Contacts to find the option "Opening links externally"and activate it.
    The links will open with Chrome if this is your default browser or any other of your choice.

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to do the same on iPhones and iPads where users seem to be blocked (for now) from using the Facebook browser.
    On iPhone it is only possible to tap the menu button and then on Open in Safari.

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