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    Galaxy S21: Samsung unveils a function to remove unintentionally captured people from your photos

    While Samsung has just presented its Galaxy S21, the manufacturer is also unveiling its latest One UI 3 interface. Among the new features, a function to automatically remove people from the background of photos.

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    Who has never taken a photo realizing moments after that one or more completely unknown people have slipped into the background? To avoid this disappointment, Samsung is introducing a new automatic deletion function which is available with the latest iteration of its overlay, One UI 3. It is simply called Object eraser.

    Adobe, pioneer in the field

    Fans of editing, especially with Lightroom or Photoshop, are familiar with this function called "filling with content taken into account" in Spanish at Adobe. The idea is simple, we select an element on the image and the software takes care of removing the selection and artificially creating content to replace it. Very practical, the tool makes it possible to quickly correct a small defect, but also to carry out heavier touch-ups.

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    Problem, the selection is sometimes laborious. Adobe has implemented detection algorithms and Samsung is taking up the good idea in its own way. Moreover, the Korean manufacturer also brings its share of artificial intelligence to make life easier for the user. The deletion of people is therefore automated to the maximum, with a certain efficiency. At least in the presentation video, which leaves you dreaming.

    A simple touch directly selects the person to be removed. © Samsung

    Tempting promises

    The user only has to select the subject to be removed with a simple "tap" of the finger. The application determines the total selection itself, removes the unwanted element and replaces the content automatically. If the technology is well mastered at Adobe, we still ask to check the Samsung solution. As its name Object eraser seems to imply, it should be possible to erase other elements in the photo besides unintentionally captured people.

    Finally, it should be kept in mind that this type of editing can mislead a quick consultation, while a slightly more detailed observation generally reveals the trick. Of course, you also have to take into account certain backgrounds that are more complex than others and which are more difficult to manage by the algorithms, especially when lines are present (perspective, architecture, window, etc.).

    A future arrival for the other models?

    The feature will be available on the new Samsung Galaxy S21 or Galaxy S21 Ultra with the new One UI 3 overlay. Samsung also suggests that the set will be available later for other users, without giving further details.

    To view the demonstration of the function, go to 38 minutes 23 seconds in the video below.

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    Audio Video Galaxy S21: Samsung unveils a function to remove unintentionally captured people from your photos
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